Are Maxxair fans worth it?

Are Maxxair fans worth it?

For a slightly less expensive alternative, we think the Maxxair MAXXFAN 4301K is worth a hard look. If you need a simple and inexpensive roof vent fan for your camper van or RV, the MAXXFAN 4301K is a great choice. For those willing to stretch their budget, we think the MAXXFAN Deluxe 6200K is worth the added cost.

Which Maxxair fan is the best?

When it comes to vent fans, the Maxxair 7500k is the top-of the line manual model and comes with all the bells and whistles. The biggest difference between the Maxxair fan and the Fan-tastic line is the built-in rain cover preventing any moisture from getting inside.

What is Maxxfan Deluxe?

The MaxxFan Deluxe is the only complete RV ventilation system that incorporates a vent, fan and rain shield in a single all in one unit. Twin lifting arms, no more lid fluttering in high winds or when driving. Flush mounted, easy to clean keypad controls fan speed, thermostat, air intake and/or exhaust functions.

Can you drive with a Maxxair fan on?

Can the lid of the MAXXFAN be open when driving? A. Yes, the MAXXFAN and MAXXFAN Plus are designed with dual lifting arms to fully support the lid if installed properly.

How many amps does a MaxxAir fan deluxe use?

While running the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe # MA00-06401K requires about 4-1/2 amps. For startup it will pull around 9 amps.

What does a MaxxAir fan do?

The Maxxfan Deluxe roof fan has many roles in our Ford Transit campervan conversion. It keeps the air fresh, helps to increase airflow, to evacuate cooking odors and to control moisture.

Which is better fantastic fan or Maxxair?

Both of these vent fans for van life are fairly well-constructed, with one big difference: Maxxair vent fans have 2 crank arms to hold up the lid, while FanTastic Fans only have 1. This makes the Maxxair fans more sturdy, and they can be left open during high wind and when driving.

How loud is a Maxxair fan?

The average reading for that MaxxAir 00-03812B MaxxFan model was 52db.

How many amps does a MaxxFan deluxe use?

How many amps does a MaxxAir fan use?

5 amps
The fan of the MaxxAir MaxxFan Trailer Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan – w/ Rain Cover # MA00-06200K draws 5 amps. In theory a 750 amp battery would power this for 150 hours.

How many amps does a MaxxFan use?

The MAXXFAN is designed for a nominal 12 Volt DC system and requires a circuit capable of supplying a minimum of 5 amps to the MAXXFAN.