What are Mali Bamana puppets?

What are Mali Bamana puppets?

BAMANA STYLE PUPPETS, Mali Sogo bo, the puppet masquerade drama of the Bamana, is an exploration of the moral universe. The relationship between men and women and the problems of domestic relations in polygamous households are important concerns of many Sogo bo performances.

Which african people is known for their puppetry?

In Mali (officially, the Republic of Mali; French: République du Mali, Bambara: Mali ka Fasojamana), a country in West Africa, the puppet theatre remains one of the most beautiful legacies of tradition.

What are puppets called in Africa?

The African puppet is characterized by its great diversity: there are string, glove and rod puppets, nether rod marionettes (or tringles), planchette-style jigging puppets performing on a board, tabletop puppets, marottes (large non-articulated rod puppets), shadow puppets, giant puppets, pantins or jumping jacks.

How is puppetry used in African theater shows?

In Africa, traditional puppets rarely perform in an enclosed theatre; the shows are performed in the open air, often on the public square where the actors and spectators are not separated from one another or limited in number.

How does Handspring make their puppets?

Following the smash-hit success of WarHorse, Handspring Puppet Company has scaled up production of the horse puppets. These puppets, destined for major stages around the globe, are lovingly carved, stitched, shaped, welded, glued and painted by a small team in a studio in Cape Town.

What is the Handspring Puppet Company known for?

Handspring Trust for Puppetry Arts
The Handspring Trust for Puppetry Arts, a non-profit organization, was established in 2010. The programs of the trust identify, mentor and champion the next generation of puppetry artists through workshops, academic engagement and the support of ongoing projects in rural areas and townships.

Who made the puppets for War Horse?

Handspring Puppet Company
War Horse, a play seen by nearly eight million people, features horse puppets designed and created by Handspring Puppet Company and operated by three actors to each….Handspring Puppet Company.

Type Puppetry performance and scenic design
Founder Adrian Kohler, Basil Jones, Jon Weinberg and Jill Joubert
Headquarters Cape Town, South Africa

How do the Handspring Puppet Company make their puppets?

What type of puppet is War Horse?

The Handspring Puppet Company achieved critical acclaim when War Horse featuring life-size puppets they had created, premiered at the Royal National Theatre in South Bank, London, on 17 October 2007.

Who is the owner of War Horse?

Aschinger, known to many as Gerry, and his wife, Dana, founded War Horse Place in Lexington in 2004. An avid polo player before moving to Kentucky, Aschinger achieved a one-goal rating.

How much does a puppet cost?

A custom puppet will cost you anywhere from $500 to 1500. The materials cost a builder $50 to $200 for foam, fleece and costuming. They require 20-100 hours of labor.