What kind of demon is Azazel?

What kind of demon is Azazel?

Azazel (Supernatural)

Nickname The Demon The Yellow-Eyed Demon Yellow Eyes
Species Yellow-eyed Demon
Gender Male
Title Prince of Hell

What is a Japanese demon called?

Oni – The classic Japanese demon. It is an ogre-like creature which often has horns.

What do you call a monster with one eye?

Cyclopes (singular: Cyclops), one-eyed giants in Greek mythology, including Polyphemus. They had a single eye in the centre of their forehead.

Who killed Azazel?

Dean Winchester
The demon Azazel is shot dead by Dean Winchester at the finale’s end, bringing to a close a storyline running throughout the first two seasons. Episode nos. “All Hell Breaks Loose” is the joint title for the two-part second-season finale of The CW television series Supernatural.

What are Azazel powers?

Azazel (Marvel Comics)

Species Neyaphem
Team affiliations Hellfire Club
Notable aliases Satan Beelzebub Beliar
Abilities Teleportation Shapeshifting Superhuman agility Night vision Healing factor Immortality Telepathy Hypnosis Master swordsman Master of dark arts

Who is the most powerful Japanese demon?

It has been said that Shuten-dōji was the strongest oni of Japan. Academic folklorist Kazuhiko Komatsu has counted Shuten-dōji among the three most feared yōkai in medieval Kyoto, alongside the vixen Tamamo-no-Mae and the demon Ōtakemaru.

Is Yokai a demon?

Yokai are not literally demons in the Western sense of the word, but are instead spirits and entities, whose behaviour can range from malevolent or mischievous to friendly, fortuitous, or helpful to humans.

What is a Cyclops baby?

A baby with cyclopia usually has no nose, but a proboscis (a nose-like growth) sometimes develops above the eye while the baby is in gestation. Cyclopia often results in a miscarriage or stillbirth. Survival after birth is usually a matter of hours only. This condition isn’t compatible with life.

What is the one-eyed giants?

Polyphemus, in Greek mythology, the most famous of the Cyclopes (one-eyed giants), son of Poseidon, god of the sea, and the nymph Thoösa.