Who killed Cochise in Cooley High?

Who killed Cochise in Cooley High?

Two of the most memorable characters in the film are Stone and Robert, the two gangsters who beat Cochise and left him for dead underneath the train tracks.

What neighborhood was Cooley High filmed?

While the film was set in and around Cabrini–Green, it was primarily filmed at another Chicago-area housing project.

What happens at the end of Cooley High?

Cochise gets killed. Preach finds him lying motionless under the El tracks, and his screams of anguish are drowned out by the trains above. Like so much of the movie, Cochise’s death was also drawn from Eric Monte’s life and memories of a friend who died.

What was the setting for Cooley High?

Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing project
Cooley High showed a slice of urban life rarely seen in “blaxploitation” movies of the time. Set in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing project, it became a touchstone for filmmakers like John Singleton and Spike Lee.

Is Cooley High a real school?

Edwin Gilbert Cooley Vocational High School (also known as Cooley Vocational High School and Upper Grade Center, commonly known as Cooley High) was a public 4–year vocational high school and middle school located in the Old Town neighborhood on the Near North Side of Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Who played Tyrone on Cooley High?

Joseph Carter Wilson
Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Glynn Turman Preach
Joseph Carter Wilson Tyrone
Sherman Smith Stone
Norman Gibson Robert
Maurice Marshall Damon

Why did Cooley High School closed?

Due to budget constraints and declining enrollment, Cooley High School was closed at the end of the 2009–2010 academic year.

Was Cooley High a real school?