Is Aruba good for scuba diving?

Is Aruba good for scuba diving?

Diving Safety Aruba is a great year round destination. If your vacation time places you in the Caribbean in the middle of the hurricane season, then Aruba may be your best choice. Outside of the hurricane belt it offers divers not only great weather but many reef and shipwreck dive sites.

How much does it cost to go scuba diving in Aruba?


1 tank dive (afternoon) USD 75 USD 96
3 day (6 dive) package USD 256 USD 351
4 day (8 dive) package USD 320 USD 426
5 day (10 dive) package USD 373 USD 506

Where can I dive in Aruba?

Aruba’s signature wreck dive, the Antilla, was a WWII German freighter, intentionally scuttled in 1940 and now one of the best wrecks in the Caribbean. Situated 10 minutes from shore, the 400ft (122m) ship lies on its port side in 45ft (18m) of water and is festooned in large corals and tube sponges.

What is scuba diving like in Aruba?

Aruba offers enough coral reefs, marine life, and wreck diving to keep scuba divers and snorkelers busy for days. The coastal waters have an average temperature of 80°F (27°C), and visibility ranges from 18 to 30m (59-98 ft.). Snorkelers: Be forewarned that waves can be choppy at times in some locations.

Do I need a wetsuit to dive in Aruba?

Depending on your tollerance for cold, you can get by without a wetsuit in Aruba if you’re only doing a couple of dives a day. If you plan on doing multiple dives over multiple days, you probably want a 3mm shorty as a minimum. The 3/4 full suit might not be a bad option.

Can you shore dive in Aruba?

Description Shore Scuba Diving Shorediving is not very much done on Aruba and that is a shame since it’s so beautifull. We do more shore diving than boat diving. In the first place we do this because it is an excellent and very safe way to take a dive after a (long) period of not diving.

Is Curaçao safe?

Most visits to Curaçao are trouble-free. However, petty theft and street crime is a concern. There is violent crime among members of the illegal drugs world, but this rarely affects tourists. The main tourist areas are generally safe, but you should take normal precautions.

Can you see sharks in Aruba?

Yes, there are sharks in Aruba. The sharks are found further out in the open water, they are not known to come near the beaches. You will find that there are over 20 species of sharks in the Dutch Caribbean islands. You will find sharks species like reef sharks, whale sharks, and hammerhead sharks there.