Is it disrespectful to take photos in a graveyard?

Is it disrespectful to take photos in a graveyard?

Don’t take pictures of other visitors People visit the cemetery to pay respect to the dead and remember the memories they left behind. Don’t intentionally take pictures of them especially if you don’t have permission. You never know whether they are done grieving or not.

Can I do a photoshoot in a graveyard?

The fact is that restrictions on photography in cemeteries are extremely common. They don’t usually tend to be very onerous — often, it’s nothing more than a limit on the type of equipment used or on taking photos of funerals or persons mourning without permission. Photography is permitted.

Is filming in a graveyard illegal?

In general, yes it is perfectly legal to film in a cemetery. One needs to be respectful and considerate of both the long term occupants i.e., the graves, and the visitors to the cemetery.

Is it disrespectful to post a grave?

There is a superstition that states if you point your finger at a grave, you will have bad luck. Another mentioned that the collection of epitaphs would give the collector memory loss. So if you have a photo collection of epitaphs, you are most likely to lose your memory (if you believe in the superstition).

What is symmetrical photography?

Symmetry in photography is achieved when two halves of an image hold the same weight and give a perfect balance between two sides of your photograph.

Can I film at a graveyard?

West Norwood Cemetery is one of London’s “Magnificent Seven” Victorian cemeteries. The cemetery management are willing to allow filming within the cemetery, but only if the following terms and conditions are followed. If driving vehicles through the cemetery, all drivers must obey the speed limit (5mph).

Why do they put pennies on dead people’s eyes?

According to legend, the coins were a bribe or payment used to ferry the dead into the Underworld. While this might sound strange in modern times, this practice brought peace to ancient people, ensuring their family members made it safely into the afterlife.

Is it OK to take pictures of cemeteries?

Capturing this in photos is challenging, there is a huge amount of creativity required to portray these places with respect, while still realizing your artistic vision. Needless to say, I have no issues with photographing in a cemetery or other sacred place, often seeking them out in my travels because of this interest.

What are the do’s and don’ts of photographing graves?

Do not walk on graves. Do not touch headstones or other artifacts. Unless it is part of a specific assignment or for journalistic use, avoid photographing any graves less than a century old. I base this on my pastime of genealogical research, most research web sites use this guideline for release of information for public use.

Is it OK to photograph headstones at a funeral?

Obscure the names on headstones when possible, especially if more recent. Ideally, this is done in camera, but can also be done in post processing. Do not photograph other visitors. Do not photograph during a funeral or when someone is paying their respects, etc.

What’s the best way to photograph a tomb?

Bring as little gear as possible, and avoid anything that may disturb the site (heavy and/or hot lighting, dragging large light stands across the ground, using tomb markers or other artifacts to support your gear, etc.). All the same guidelines as above apply, but you need to consider the feelings and beliefs of your models as well.