Can I do SIA course online?

Can I do SIA course online?

Are all SIA training courses online? The most common ways are by enrolling on to an online SIA training course where the content will be accessed online or by enrolling on to a classroom SIA training course where the course will be taught in an in-person classroom format, at a given location.

How long does SIA training take?

How to apply for the SIA Door Supervisor Licence. The Door Supervisor Course takes 6 days to complete. The training course is assessed by 4 multiple choice exams and a practical assessment.

Do you need training for a SIA Licence?

Before you apply for a front line SIA licence, you need to train for a ‘licence-linked’ qualification. Once you have successfully got the qualification you need for a front line licence, the awarding organisation will tell us. We must get this notification before you can submit your licence application.

What is the cost of a SIA Licence?

It costs £190 to apply for 1 licence. All licences last for 3 years – except for a vehicle immobiliser licence, which lasts for 1 year. You may need to apply for more than 1 licence. If so, we will apply a discount of 50% to the additional licences.

Can SIA security carry handcuffs?

SIA licensed security operatives have no legal powers over and above other civilians. Anyone who does carry handcuffs should be aware that their use could constitute a crime, unless they can show that using them was reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances.

What is the cost of a SIA licence?

Where can I get SIA Training in Nottingham?

Specialist Security Group offer security course’s in and around the Nottingham area giving you access to the best SIA training resources available. Our accredited instructors are well informed of all the latest policies and training techniques.

Where can I get a Sia license in the UK?

SIA Licence is valid nationwide, so if you qualify for SIA License in Nottingham, you will be eligible to work anywhere in the UK in the security industry. Read more information on SIA course time and price. 3. Available Security Jobs in Nottingham

How to book a 4 day Sia course?

The process is very simple, ,first of all you’ll need to book a 4 day SIA course, we currently offer 3 types of SIA course at our Nottingham training centre. So how do you know if SIA training is the right option for you?

Do you need a SIA licence to be a door supervisor?

As well as an SIA licence, to work within the security industry, you will need the relevant training. What training you need depends on what role within the security industry you wish to work in. The Door Supervisor Training Course is required to obtain a SIA Door Supervisor Licence.