Why was de Legazpi expedition considered the most successful one?

Why was de Legazpi expedition considered the most successful one?

Legacy. The López de Legazpi and Urdaneta expedition to the Philippines effectively created the trans-Pacific Manila galleon trade, in which silver mined from Mexico and Potosí was exchanged for Chinese silk, porcelain, Indonesian spices, Indian gems and other goods precious to Europe at the time.

Who is Miguel de Legazpi what was his role in our history?

Miguel López de Legazpi (1502-1572) was a colonial official in New Spain, Pacific explorer and conquistador who led the Spanish expedition that began the colonization of the Philippines and launched the first Asia-American trading line.

What kind of a leader was Miguel López de Legazpi?

Miguel Lopez de Legazpi (Zumárraga, Basque Country, 1503 – Manila, Philipines, 20 August 1572), known as «el Adelantado» and «el Viejo» (the Elder), was an admiral and governor of the 16th Century, the first governor of the Captaincy General of the Philippines and the founder of the cities of Cebu (1565) and Manila ( …

Did Miguel Lopez died rich or poor?

López de Legazpi governed the Philippines for a year before dying of heart failure in Manila in 1572. He died poor and bankrupt, leaving a few pesos behind [quantify], due to having spent most of his personal fortune during the conquest. He was laid to rest in San Agustin Church, Intramuros.

What was the most successful expedition to the Philippines?

Expeditions After Magellan

  • The Magellan ExpeditionThe Jofre de Loaisa ExpeditionThe Alvaro de Saavedra ExpeditionThe Ruy Lopez de Villalobos ExpeditionThe Miguel Lopez de Legazpi Expedition – The onlyexpedition that was successful in colonizing the Philippines.

What was the most significant contribution of Villalobos expedition?

1500 – April 4, 1544) was a Spanish explorer who sailed the Pacific from Mexico to establish a permanent foothold for Spain in the East Indies, which was near the Line of Demarcation between Spain and Portugal according to the Treaty of Zaragoza in 1529.

Who took the first voyage around the world?

Ferdinand Magellan
Five hundred years ago, Ferdinand Magellan began a historic journey to circumnavigate the globe.

Why did Miguel López de Legazpi?

Miguel López de Legazpi, (born c. 1510, Zumárraga, Spain—died Aug. 20, 1572, Manila, Phil.), Spanish explorer who established Spain’s dominion over the Philippines that lasted until the Spanish-American War of 1898. Legazpi served as the first governor of the Philippines, from 1565 until his death.

Who is the grandson of Miguel López de Legazpi who tried to overthrow the Cordilleran tribes?

Juan de Salcedo
Juan de Salcedo (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxwan de salˈθeðo]; 1549 – March 11, 1576) was a Spanish-Mexican conquistador. He was born in Mexico in 1549 and he was the grandson of Miguel López de Legazpi and brother of Felipe de Salcedo.

How old is the Intramuros?

From when the city was founded in 1571 until the end of the Spanish rule in 1898, Intramuros was Manila. The name Intramuros means “inside the wall.” For 400 years, Intramuros served as the center of the Spanish occupation, originally built to be the residence for Spanish government officials and their families.

Did they succeed in colonizing the Philippines?

Only the last two actually reached the Philippines; and only Legazpi succeeded in colonizing the Islands. The route from Mexico to the Philippines was a shorter route, and eventually trade was established between Acapulco and Manila called the Manila Galleon trade.