What is a work positioning lanyard?

What is a work positioning lanyard?

A positioning lanyard is part of a positioning device system. This type of system supports the employee on an elevated vertical surface, such as a wall or pole. This allows them to work hands-free while leaning. The lanyard connects the employee to an anchor point in front of their body.

Can a work position lanyard be used on its own?

– Do not use only the safety lanyard (with no shock absorber) on its own as a device to arrest a fall from height. – Two separate lanyards each with an energy absorber should not be used side by side (i.e. parallel).

What is work positioning?

Work Positioning – a technique that enables a person to work supported in tension or suspension by personal fall protection equipment in such a way that a fall from a height is prevented or restricted (normally used in conjunction with an independently anchored back-up/fall arrest system)

What is a work positioning system used for?

Description: A work positioning system is a personal fall arrest system, an engineering control, that limits the distance of free fall to two feet or less which reduces the risk of injury due to a fall to a lower level.

What is a double lanyard?

One of the most versatile pieces of fall protection equipment is the double tie off lanyard, also known as the Y-lanyard. The Y-lanyard attaches two lanyard legs to a shock absorber and snap hook, which can allow for workers to move horizontally from one area to another while being continuously attached.

What is the maximum length for an approved lanyard?

Original length of lanyard = 2.0m. Max length of shock absorber = 1.75m.

At what height is a harness required?

OSHA requires workers to wear a full-body harness, (one part of a Personal Fall Arrest System) when they are working on a suspended scaffold more than 10 feet above the working surface, or when they are working in bucket truck or aerial lift.

What are the two 2 types of work positioning systems?

Work positioning can be ‘Working in Restraint’ when working in a horizontal plane or ‘Working in Suspension’ when working in a vertical orientation.

Are positioning devices fall protection?

Positioning device systems are not fall arrest systems, but they are personal safety devices that can be used to prevent an employee from falling. They are an invaluable tool for fall protection but employers and managers must understand how to use them properly.

How long should a climbing lanyard be?

around 10-15 feet long
A basic lanyard is usually around 10-15 feet long, but can be much longer when used on a 2-in-1 configuration, or as a secondary static or moving rope system. Lanyards connect in two places on a climbing harness, usually on the two opposing D-rings located on or near the climber’s hips.