When did the test subject complete come out?

When did the test subject complete come out?

Test Subject Complete is a puzzle-platform game released on May 7th, 2013. The game is the third and final installment of the Test Subject series. The game stars Blue as it attempts to escape Doctor Nastidous’s base and prevent Doctor Nastidious from achieving world domination. Blue uses the Rex209 in the game, as opposed to the proto-suit .

How many games are in the test subject series?

The Test Subject series consists of five released games. Blue is the protagonist in each game, and must complete tests inside specially designed test chambers (except for in Test Subject Complete, where it escapes). Each main Test Subject game is a puzzle platformer. The series includes three games and two spin-offs.

Is the test subject series similar to portal?

The Test Subject series seems to have been influenced by the Portal series of video games. Both games are similar in that the player is a test subject, being led through tests by some sort of being (in Portal 2, the player no longer go through tests).

How many stages are there in test subject Arena?

Test Subject Arena is a spin-off of the Test Subject Blue series. The game has no plot or single player mode, rather it is multiplayer game to be played with a friend. The game has 14 stages, the objective in each stage to deplete the opposing player’s supply of goo by destroying them.

When did Nitrome Touchy compatible test subject come out?

This game, along with all the currently released installments of the Test Subject series, were made Nitrome Touchy compatible on August 16th 2013. The overall objective of Test Subject Complete varies from level to level. Levels one through six require Blue to obtain the key card and then proceed to the food pill.

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