What are the odds of the warrior dropping the conference call?

What are the odds of the warrior dropping the conference call?

To get a conference call, you have a 1/8*1/10 = 1/80 chance of getting one in a single run. In order to get a 50% chance or higher of having gotten the conference call, you will have to kill the warrior ~55 times.

Does TVHM increase loot bl2?

Better Loot more frequently: Enemies in True Vault Hunter Mode will be have a higher percentage chance of dropping better loot as they have more health and are more difficult to defeat.

What is the drop rate of the conference call in Borderlands 2?

Usage & Description

Manufacturer: Hyperion
Accuracy: 70.4 – 80.5
Fire Rate 4.0 – 4.3
Magazine Capacity: 9 – 11
Drop Rate < 2%

Is it better to farm in TVHM?

To sum up, if TVHM has better drops, it’s only because it has more badass enemies in general which leads to more drop potential. And yet many players may not find TVHM worth farming if say, it dumps a ton of Anointed enemies on you which can make the game borderline unplayable with Mayhem health increases.

Can the Warrior drop Legendaries?

The Warrior has an increased chance to drop the legendary Conference Call shotgun, Impaler shield, Flakker shotgun, Leech grenade mod, Handsome Jack’s Mask (class specific), and the Volcano sniper rifle.

Does the handsome sorcerer drop the conference call?

Conference Call is a legendary shotgun manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from The Warrior located in Vault of the Warrior and the Handsome Sorcerer located in Dragon Keep.

Should I do mayhem mode or TVHM?

If you are max level you won’t notice a difference, at first the loot was better in TVHM but with Mayhem on I’m not sure it will be any different. TVHM M10 is the ultimate end game. It gives more loot prolly.

Can the conference call world drop?

Conference Call’s Drop-Rates and all Sources: The Warrior: 1.25% Handsome Sorcerer: 4.2% World Drop.

Does TVHM give more XP?

More XP from Missions: In True Vault Hunter Mode the player will gain substantially more XP from missions than they would in normal mode. Post-Game Level Scale: Once the story is complete, all enemies will scale with the host’s level, up to level 50.

What is the max level in True Vault Hunter mode?

level 50
The character level cap is currently set to max level 50. So you can choose to continue playing in normal mode and enjoy the end game. However, you can also choose to accept the challenge and opt-in TVHM.