How is worm gear calculated?

How is worm gear calculated?

1) Fine-pitch worms and worm gears are generally used to transmit motion (linear or rotary) as opposed to power or torque….Worm Gear Formula Table.

To Find Rule Formula
Worm Lead Divide 3.1416 by Diametral Pitch and Multiply by Number of Threads in Worm Worm Lead = 3.1416 x Number of Threads in WormDiametral Pitch

How is worm gear torque calculated?

The torque is calculated as follows:

  1. Obtain load F of the meshing point (at the radius of the pitch circle of Gear A) of the input torque.
  2. Obtain torque of the output side from load F of the teeth’s meshing point (radius of the pitch circle of Gear B).

What is a Globoid worm gear?

The globoid worm gearing comprises a cylindrical worm-wheel in mesh with a globoid worm. The cutting edges of the rotary cutter are located on a generating surface having the shape of the side surfaces of the cylindrical worm-wheel teeth.

What is the gear ratio of a worm gear?

The ratio is equal to the number of gear teeth divided by the number of starts/threads on the worm. A comparable spur gear set with a ratio of 40:1 would require at least two stages of gearing. Worm gears can achieve ratios of more than 300:1.

What is worm gear used for?

The worm and worm gear, which are illustrated in Figure 57.21, are used to transmit motion and power when a high-ratio speed reduction is required. They accommodate a wide range of speed ratios (60:1 and higher can be obtained from a single reduction and can go as high as 500:1).

What is the efficiency of a worm gear?

Typical efficiency for worm gearboxes is approximately 49% for 300:1 ratio and approximately 90% for a 5:1 ratio. A variation of the worm gear is the helical worm. In a helical worm, a set of helical gearing is placed on the input of the gear reducer between the motor shaft and the worm gear.

How do you calculate gearbox kW?

Answer: 0.75Kw( geared motor power) x9550x gearbox transmission efficiency [2] x30 / input speed x service factor[1] = gearbox output torque[3]. If the AC induction motor is 4 Pole AC asynchronous motor: 1380 rev/min. (also short for : r/min; RPM):

What is a double start worm?

Double Start Thread: Two thread forms. During 360° revolution the forms advance axially by the combined pitch of two threads. Lead is 2x the pitch. Triple Start Thread: Three thread forms. During 360° revolution the forms advance axially by the combined pitch of three threads.

What is worm and wheel gear for?

Abstract. Worm and wheel gears are widely used for nonparallel, nonintersecting, right angle gear drive system applications where a high transmission gearing ratio is required. In comparison to other gear, belt and chain transmission elements, worm and wheel gear sets tend to offer a more compact solution.

Where do we use worm gear?

Worm drives are used as the tuning mechanism for many musical instruments, including guitars, double basses, mandolins, bouzoukis, and many banjos (although most high-end banjos use planetary gears or friction pegs). A worm drive tuning device is called a machine head.