What is a good LNAT score for KCL?

What is a good LNAT score for KCL?

about 27 out of 42
King’s College London (KCL) The average score of a successful candidate is about 27 out of 42.

What is a good LNAT score for Oxford?

Law. Applicants for Law at Oxford sit the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT). The average scores in 2019 were 24 for all applicants, 28 for shortlisted applicants, and 29 for successful applicants.

What is the average LNAT score 2021?

With effect from its second year, the LNAT is required for UK and overseas applicants alike. There are now nine participating law schools and hundreds of test centres worldwide….Average scores.

Year Score Percentage
2018/2019 23/42 54.8
2019/2020 21.5/42 51.2
2020/2021 20.8/42 49.5

Does Kings need LNAT?

All applicants are required to take the National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT) by 26 January. To facilitate the assessment of your application however, we encourage you to take the LNAT by mid-December.

What is the average Elat score?

The mean ELAT score for all applicants (excluding those who did not sit the test) was 44.8. The mean score for shortlisted applicants was 47.4, and 49.2 for those who went on to receive an offer.

Is law better at Cambridge or Oxford?

Cambridge and Oxford are ranked second and third respectively, behind Harvard which is named as the best university in the world for studying law….The world’s best universities for law: Cambridge and Oxford trump UK competition.

Rank University
1 Harvard University
2 University of Cambridge
3 University of Oxford

What happens if I fail the LNAT?

What happens if I apply to study law at an LNAT- participating university but fail to take the test in time? Your application will be rejected. You will have to apply again the following year, and take the LNAT then.

How much does it cost to sit the LNAT?

An LNAT costs £50 if you take it at a test centre in a UK/EU based test centre or £70 if you take it outside the EU. If you can’t afford these fees, you can apply for an LNAT bursary to cover the cost. However, you need to apply before booking your LNAT as it can take at least a week to process.

Does LSE look at LNAT essay?

How will LSE use the LNAT in admission decisions? At present, we will only use the multiple-choice score in the assessment of applicants; for most applicants, the essay will not be considered.