Where can I fish Monduran?

Where can I fish Monduran?

Lake Monduran is situated 20km north of Gin Gin on the Bruce Highway, about 4.5 hours drive from Brisbane. It is a popular spot for fishing and water sports with no vessel restrictions. Professional fishing guides are available to charter. A range of accomodation is available at lake Monduran Holiday Park.

Where do you catch Barra in Darwin?

The Best spot for a chance to catch Barramundi in and around Darwin and the NT is the coastal creeks. Coastal creeks work well on big tides. Run Off season is your best time of year to go barramundi fishing in Darwin.

How do you catch barramundi in Lake Monduran?

Lake Monduran The wind will act like a current and fish will move with that current. Find yourself a good bay or point with a bit of weed or structure on it and tie up to a tree. Casting with the wind to and around the point may produce the goods. Best time for bite time is early morning.

Can you swim in Lake Monduran?

If fishing isn’t really your game then you can kayak, canoe, swim and waterski too. The area has great cabins, camping and picnic spots, you can hire a houseboat to cruise the lake or hire a boat if you don’t have one with you and makes a lovely short-break away or longer stay to lure yourself the big one.

What fish are in Monduran dam?

Fish species stocked into Lake Monduran include Australian Bass, Barramundi Golden Perch, Saratoga, Silver Perch and Sooty Grunter however the Barra and Bass are the real drawcards. The Sooty Grunter, Silver Perch, Saratoga and Golden Perch seem to have not established however the occasional capture is recorded.

Where do Barra hide?

Know Your Bait Barra usually hide in areas like mangroves, drop-offs, and near trees and bridges; waiting with their mouths wide open to capture swimming prey. For this reason, using live bait, soft plastics or hard body lures are all good options.

Is there red claw at Lake Monduran?

The dam has been stocked with barramundi, silver perch, sooty grunter and red-claw crayfish with spangled perch and forktail catfish naturally present. A Stocked Impoundment Permit is required to fish in the dam.

Can you ski at Lake Monduran?

Lake Monduran is huge and finding a spot to ski is easy. Plus there are plenty wooded areas to fish for barra. Fishing for cat fish is easy from the boat ramp and will keep kids amused if they’re in to it.

Are there any barra fish in Lake Monduran?

Small barra like this bode well for the future of the Monduran fishery. This fish wouldn’t have been stocked too long ago, as they grow rapidly in healthy dams. HI all, Lake Monduran has been fishing well, with loads of good Monduran barra put on the deck.

When is the best time to fish Barra in QLD?

As most people know, summer time is when the fish are on the chew but it’s also the time of the barra fishing closure in Qld. Which leaves Qld anglers only two options over the Christmas period. Head to the Northern Territory or hit the freshwater impoundments.

When is the best time of year for barramundi fishing?

April to May was also a favourite of mine for charters as the monsoon is usually over (no cyclones and no trip cancellations). During this period we target metre plus fish casting shallow divers. I guess it depends on your technique of choice and capacity to deal with cyclones and the like.

Where to go for Easter in Lake Monduran?

You should begin planning for your Easter vacation at Lake Monduran now. For any more information, give Donna at Barra Havoc a call on 0427 880 826 or find the store between Tyrepower and the fire station in Gin Gin.