How do I send an email to Maximo?

How do I send an email to Maximo?

Maximo System Properties

  1. Log into Maximo as an administrative user.
  2. Navigate to the System Configuration > Platform Configuration > System Properties application.
  3. Set the property to
  4. Set the mail.smtp.starttls.enable property to true.

What is email listener in Maximo?

The Email Listener maintains a HASH (data structure) of the attributes and values that are specified in the body of the formatted email. The code must generate date and time information and set it into the Work Order object for Maximo Asset Management to save.

Is Maximo any good?

Likelihood to Recommend. Maximo is a great versatile tool for a general enterprise asset management (EAM) solution – has great flexibility and many advanced solutions as well. It provides good integration with our ERP system as well. We use Oracle and it has been exceptionally good for us.

What is communication template in Maximo?

Communication Templates. Maximo provides the ability to send emails to recipients from many applications, but the most widely used will be from a service request or a work order. Other applications with a Create Communication action are Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Bulletin Board and the KPI Viewer.

What is an email listener?

Based on the subject line of an e-mail message or the contents of the e-mail message body, an e-mail listener can determine if the e-mail is new or is an updated service request, incident, or problem. An e-mail listener can also determine if an e-mail is a query for information on any business object.

What can Maximo do?

IBM Maximo is an Enterprise asset management solution (equipment, installations, buildings, etc) and services including; purchasing, inventory, management of locations, service desk, and work planning.

What CMMS means?

computerized maintenance management system
A computerized maintenance management system or CMMS is software that centralizes maintenance information and facilitates the processes of maintenance operations. It helps optimize the utilization and availability of physical equipment like vehicles, machinery, communications, plant infrastructures and other assets.

What is Maximo role?

Roles in Maximo are used to represent a specific person or a group of people that can be used in workflows, communication templates and escalations. If you need to find which roles are used in a specific workflow you can use an SQL query like this.

What is escalation in Maximo?

Maximo has many ways to modify how it behaves. One of the most popular tools is the escalation. The IBM documentation defines an escalation as: ”An escalation is a mechanism for monitoring time sensitive records. Escalations can take actions or send notifications when a record reaches a defined escalation point.”

How does email listener work?

The email listener monitors the email account on the configured folder and routes the email message to email service rule for processing.

How do I stop PEGA email listener?

To stop the listener from being started automatically in Pega Platform or manually in Admin Studio, select Block startup. To start the listener automatically in Pega Platform and manually in Admin Studio, clear Block startup.

Who Uses Maximo?

Companies using IBM Maximo for IoT Based Enterprise Asset Management include: Eversource Energy, a United States based Utilities organisation with 9299 employees and revenues of $8.90 billions, Volker Wessels Stevin, a Netherlands based Professional Services organisation with 16600 employees and revenues of $5.00 …

How to test that email can be sent from Maximo?

1. Test you can send a email from Maximo, by creating a Communication. The easiest way to test that emails can be sent from Maximo is to create a Communication. Most applications allow creation of a Communication from the Action Menu >> Create.

How to change the status of Maximo Records?

Create an email listener address. From the “Select Action” menu, select “Security Settings”. Check the Active checkbox and save the record. 3. Ensure that the “Email Format” field has been populated for all the Person records. Go to the People application. Bring up the Person record for the user.

How to create a Maximo template for email?

These Communication Templates can be triggered from Workflow, an Escalation (a change in a record or time related), or as required using the Create Communication option available in many applications. The Template often contains a link that allows the user to login to Maximo and then takes them directly to the record related to the email.

How does the EIS work in Maximo email?

The EIS can be related to when a record moves to a new status. The options allowable (1,2,3 etc.) are then linked to the status that the user wants to select. For example, the PR is at Waiting Approval which triggers the email and the options are 1) Approval (APPR) or 2) Cancel (CAN).