Does Sky care about piracy?

Does Sky care about piracy?

We’ve invested billions of pounds in high-quality entertainment for our customers because we know how much our customers value it. This means taking effective action against online piracy and copyright infringement. …

Does Sky Broadband monitor illegal downloads?

No, we don’t monitor any internet traffic. We’ve been informed of the copyright infringement by the content owners or their authorised representatives who monitor peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

Do ISP report illegal downloads?

ISPs do not track what files you download. It is media companies that hold the copyrights of the files track those torrents. It detects your IP address once you try to torrent and then reports the illegal activity to your ISP.

Does Sky Block streaming sites?

That’s because Sky has confirmed that it’s being forced to block its millions of broadband customers from visiting a number of hugely popular sites that provide easy access to free illegal streams. The sites feature in this latest ban include,,, and

What are illegal streams?

Illegal platforms stream videos that violate copyright laws and don’t correctly compensate content creators. They take recordings or downloads of shows or movies and upload them to an unaffiliated platform whose owners may unlawfully receive money for.

Is Sky copyrighted?

As you may or may not be aware, Sky TV is a European cable television network owned by Rupert Murdoch. Sky TV is also a company that has trademarked the word “sky” and enjoys bludgeoning anyone who uses the word “sky” in business into the ground.

Does Sky Monitor Internet search?

Sky are the first Internet Service Provider to send us answers to all of our questions about their default filtering. Sky also say that they will not log blocking events or monitor or log traffic of users who have not opted in to the filtering. …

How do I bypass parental controls on Sky?

Quick Guide: How to Bypass Sky Broadband Shield Using a VPN

  1. Choose a VPN with plenty of high-speed servers in the UK. We recommend ExpressVPN for bypassing parental control apps.
  2. Install the VPN and connect to a server in your target location.
  3. Enjoy unfiltered, completely open access to the internet!

How do I stop sky blocking websites?

If for any reason you want to switch off Sky Broadband Shield completely and browse whatever you like without restrictions, then you will also need to log into your Sky Broadband Shield account with your Sky iD details. Just scroll down to where it says ‘Switch off’ and click on this.