Does Brussels have a good nightlife?

Does Brussels have a good nightlife?

The nightlife in Brussels is relaxed and slightly quieter than other European cities but there are still some good places to go for dancing or just chilling with friends around a table with drinks.

Where should I go in the evening in Brussels?

Top 10 Things to do in Brussels at Night

  • Fuse. Fuse has been my favorite club for years and is one of the landmarks of the Brussels nightlife area.
  • Tomorrowland. One of the most adventurous things to do in Brussels is to go to Tomorrowland.
  • Madame Moustache.
  • Le Bazaar.
  • La Tentation.
  • Saint Boniface.
  • Delirium.
  • You Nightclub.

Is Belgium good for nightlife?

It’s no secret that Belgium is the first place that comes to mind when you think about good beer. When it comes to nightlife, Brussels is best known for its lively nightclubs where you can dance the night away.

Is Brussels Red Light District safe?

Use Caution in the Red Light District This area, which is near the Gare du Nord station, can provide some excitement, but it brings with it some dangers. Drug use is common here. In addition, the sidewalks are crowded with tourists and prostitutes.

Is there a red light district in Brussels?

The main red light district in Brussels is north of the Gare du Nord. In Rue d’Aerschot, Rue de Brabant and the surrounding side-streets there are sex shops and many windows where prostitutes sit. A second, smaller area of street prostitution is along Avenue Louise, where street walkers ply their trade at night.

Is Belgium a party country?

Belgium is a federal state with a multi-party political system, with numerous parties who factually have no chance of gaining power alone, and therefore must work with each other to form coalition governments. The Flemish parties operate in Flanders and in the Brussels-Capital Region.

What are lawyers called in Belgium?

There are two categories of lawyer in Belgium: Lawyers (avocats/advocaten/Rechtsanwälte). Supreme Court lawyers (avocats à la Cour de Cassation/advocaten bij het Hof van Cassatie/Rechtsanwälte beim Kassationshof).

Where are the best night clubs in Brussels?

The dress code is trendy / stylish. You Night Club. A trendy nightclub for young people located in the centre near the Grand Place at 18 rue Duquesnoy. This club has even more theme nights than the Mirano and good, loud music from top DJs in Brussels.

Where are the best places to go in Brussels?

Lounge bars and clubs are the most popular and there is a focus on DJs playing good music, comfortable seats and good drinks. Located in the north of the city, the Brussels red light district is not very well-known, but it will offer a sneak peak into some adventures for those who are curious to venture there.

Which is the best beer to drink in Brussels?

Mort Subite kriek is my favorite Kriek lambic style of Belgian beer, made by fermenting lambic with sour Morello cher… 8. Brussels Pub Crawl