Where do Mental As Anything come from?

Where do Mental As Anything come from?

Sydney, Australia
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Who is the lead singer of Mental As Anything?

Greedy Smith
Andrew McArthur Smith (16 January 1956 – 2 December 2019), known professionally as Greedy Smith, was an Australian vocalist, keyboardist, harmonicist and songwriter with Australian pop/new wave band Mental As Anything….

Greedy Smith
Died 2 December 2019 (aged 63) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Genres New wave, rock

Is Martin Plaza still in Mental As Anything?

2 hit in Australia in with his 1986 cover of the song “Concrete and Clay”. In 2013, Martin underwent surgery for kidney cancer and is currently on chemotherapy….

Martin Plaza
Associated acts Mental As Anything The Rock Party The Stetsons Beatfish Moondog Martin Plaza and The Lost Vegans
Website Official website

Why is mental a number 1?

An Australian hit has made it to number one on the UK charts 35 years after it was released. Mental As Anything’s Live It Up has been adopted by Scottish football club Glasgow Rangers as their unofficial anthem. The exposure from the October video skyrocketed Live It Up to number one on the UK iTunes chart on Sunday.

Is mental as anything in the charts?

Mental As Anything have the number one song on the UK’s iTunes chart. The song was introduced by Rangers’ fans The Union Bears who started uploading an image of Rangers’ star football Connor Goodson with the song.

Did Crocodile Dundee Live It Up?

“Live It Up” appears on the band’s 1985 album, Fundamental. It spent 12 weeks in the Top 10, becoming the fourth biggest-selling single of 1985 in Australia. The single was later released in 1986 and 1987 in Europe after it was featured in the hit film Crocodile Dundee.

How old is greedy Smith?

63 years (1956–2019)
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Who wrote mental as anything songs?

Mental As Anything founding member and songwriter Andrew “Greedy” Smith, who penned some of the Australian new wave band’s best-known songs, including Live It Up, has died aged 63.

When did mental as anything start?

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Smith formed Mental As Anything in 1976 with art school friends. He wrote Live It Up and Too Many Times, two of the band’s biggest songs.

Who sings Live It Up Crocodile Dundee?

Mental As Anything
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What film had the song live it up?

Crocodile Dundee
The wistful and yet danceable song ‘Live it Up’ by Australian band Mental As Anything provides the soundtrack for a very 80s party scene in New York in Crocodile Dundee. Propelled by the popularity of the film, ‘Live it Up’ was Mental as Anything’s most successful song, reaching number two on the charts in Australia.

Who has died from mental as anything?

Andrew ‘Greedy’ Smith, Mental As Anything frontman, dies aged 63. Mental As Anything founding member and songwriter Andrew “Greedy” Smith has died after suffering a heart attack in his car.

When did mental as anything release their first album?

At the Unicorn Hotel, their stage was on top of the pool table to free up floor space. The band was spotted by film-makers Cameron Allen and Martin Fabinyi, who founded their own independent record label, Regular Records, in September 1978 to record and release the group’s music.

Where did the phrase’mental as anything’come from?

Worstead chose Mental As Anything—which was how fellow artist Ken Bolton described them after one of their earlier party performances—and designed an accompanying poster featuring an image of a truck hauling a giant cabbage. The phrase “mental as anything” is late 1970s Australian slang for being crazy,…

Why was Mental As Anything created in Australia?

Formed on a whim by a group of bored art students in search of free drinks, Australia’s prankish Mental as Anything went on to forge a career spanning several decades, their tongues remaining planted firmly in cheek throughout the duration of their existence.

Where was Mental As Anything music video filmed?

It was accompanied by a music video shot on a building block in a Sydney seaside suburb and brought Mental As Anything international exposure by becoming a top 40 hit in Canada in July 1982, when they toured North America in support of Men at Work.