How do I create a public survey in SharePoint?

How do I create a public survey in SharePoint?

View permissions to view and edit a survey

  1. Open the survey from the Quick Launch or Site Content.
  2. Click the Settings drop down menu, and then select Survey Settings.
  3. On the Settings page, under Permissions and Management, click Permissions for this survey.

Can you do a poll on SharePoint?

Using SharePoint to create polls and surveys is a simple process. It allows a manager to create various types of questions, send to specific groups of people and summarize the results.

How do I share a SharePoint survey?

Open the survey, and go to the Send tab. Select Link. If you’ve sent your survey through email once, the invitation summary is displayed. To get your survey’s link, select Resend > Link.

How do I see survey results in SharePoint?

How to View the Survey Results

  1. Start Internet Explorer and type the URL for your organization’s SharePoint server. The Start Page will open.
  2. Navigate to the survey in which you are interested. The Survey Overview page will open.
  3. Click the Show a graphical summary of responses link. The Graphical Summary page will open.

Are SharePoint surveys truly anonymous?

SharePoint surveys are equipped with a variety of question types which can be altered to extract the best answer. A survey can be made to be answered anonymously, allowing employees the ability to speak freely.

How do I allow multiple responses to a SharePoint survey?

(Survey Settings > General Settings > Survey Options) Multiple responses: You can limit respondents to one survey response or allow for multiple from the same person. If your survey is meant to take a vote, single responses would do best.

How do I export SharePoint survey results to Excel?

To export Graphical Summary View to Excel:

  1. Open your Survey List via Internet Explorer.
  2. Right-click on any free space and select Export To Excel as shown below.

Can you make a SharePoint form anonymous?

In the “Settings” pane of Forms, you can now enable “One response per person” without checking “Record name.” This allows you to create an anonymous internal survey, limiting a single response for each person.

What is SharePoint survey list?

Survey List template in SharePoint allows the users to create and manage the survey into an organization. The user can create a survey for its users, can configure it, and can ask for the response. It also allows the creator to view the statistics based on the responses given by other users.