Where are all the billboards in Big Surf Island?

Where are all the billboards in Big Surf Island?

Big Surf Island Billboard

  • Game. Burnout Paradise.
  • Alternative Name. Orange Billboard.
  • Type. Breakable Billboard.
  • Paradise Keys Bridge.
  • North Beach.
  • Midtown.
  • South Coast.
  • Perren’s Point.

What happens when you break all the billboards in Burnout Paradise?

If you get all 120 Billboards in Paradise City, you’ll be awarded with the Montgomery Carbon Hawker.

How do you get Big Surf Island in Burnout Paradise?

Beat the Dust Storm Burning Route. Beat all 24 Big Surf Island Road Rules. Complete 50% of the Big Surf Island license. Purchase the Big Surf Island pack and land all 15 Mega Jumps.

How many billboards are in Burnout Paradise?

Billboards | Billboards Burnout Paradise: TUB Guide There are 120 billboards to find in total – from 20 to 30 in each district. Obtaining all of the billboards unlocks bonus car (Montgomery Carbon Hawker).

How do you get your 100 license on Big Surf Island?

100% completion requirements:

  1. Win all 14 Island events. Beat the Dust Storm Burning Route. Survive both Island Marked Man events. Win both Island Tour events. Beat all 3 Island Stunt Runs.
  2. Collect all Island Discoveries. Land all 15 Mega Jumps. Smash all 45 Island Billboards. Smash all 150 Island Smash Gates.

How do you do Showtime in Burnout Paradise?

Holding both the left and right shoulder buttons at the same time whilst driving enters the player’s vehicle into a Showtime Road Rule. The player is not restricted to the original road meaning the player can take their devastation across all of Paradise City.

How do you unlock cars in Burnout Paradise?

Unlockable Cars

  1. Carbon Hydros Custom – Complete all Showtime Road Rules.
  2. Carbon Ikusa GT – Complete all Time Road Rules.
  3. Rossolini Tempesta – Achieve an A Class License.
  4. Carson Fastback – Achieve a B Class License.
  5. Nakamura SI-7 – Achieve a C Class License.
  6. Hunter Mesquite – Achieve a D Class License.

How do you unlock all the cars in Burnout Paradise?