What must the dispatcher consider when selecting an ETOPS alternate?

What must the dispatcher consider when selecting an ETOPS alternate?

In selecting these ETOPS Alternate Airports, the certificate holder must consider all adequate airports within the authorized ETOPS diversion time for the flight that meet the standards of this part. (2) The field condition reports indicate that a safe landing can be made.

What are ETOPS Alternates?

Suitable and appropriate alternate aerodrome at which an aircraft would be able to land after experiencing an engine shutdown or other abnormal or emergency condition while en route in an ETOPS operation.

Which minimum level of RFFS do you need when filing an alternate using the beyond 180 minutes ETOPS rule?

Category 4
(1) For ETOPS up to 180 minutes, each designated ETOPS Alternate Airport must have RFFS equivalent to that specified by ICAO as Category 4, or higher.

What is an adequate airport?

Adequate Airport means an airport. that an airplane operator may list with. approval from the FAA because that. airport meets the landing limitations.

Who develops an aircraft MMEL?

A minimum equipment list is developed by (or on behalf of) an aircraft operator based on a ‘Master Minimum Equipment List’ (Master MEL or MMEL) developed by the aircraft manufacturer. The MMEL is a document that covers all aircraft of a given type, or even a range of types.

What are ETOPS requirements?

Engines must have an in-flight shutdown (IFSD) rate better than 1 per 20,000 hours for ETOPS-120, 1 per 50,000 hours for ETOPS-180, and 1 per 100,000 hours for beyond ETOPS-180. Private jets are exempted from ETOPS by the FAA, but are subject to the ETOPS 120-minute rule in EASA’s jurisdiction.

What is the 60 minute rule?

ETOPS History In 1953, the FAA imposed what is known as the “60-minute rule” on two- and three-engine airplanes, disallowing them to fly more than 60 minutes outside the closest airport.

What is the difference between adequate and suitable airport?

The definition of a suitable aerodrome is where the weather is above alternate minima. An acceptable aerodrome (adequate, whatever you want to call it) is one where the weather conditions are below the alternate minima but above the landing minima.

What is the difference between adequate and suitable?

is that adequate is equal to some requirement; proportionate, or correspondent; fully sufficient; as, powers adequate to a great work; an adequate definition lawfully and physically sufficient while suitable is having sufficient or the required properties for a certain purpose or task; appropriate to a certain occasion …

What is difference between MMEL and MEL?

Their difference is that the MEL is formulated for a particular operator and a certain aircraft or a few aircraft, whereas the MMEL is formulated for all aircrafts of this type. The MEL of the operator shall be based on the MMEL of a specific aircraft type and model approved by the authorities.

What is the law about ETOPS alternate airports?

14 CFR § 121.624 – ETOPS Alternate Airports. § 121.624 ETOPS Alternate Airports. (a) No person may dispatch or release an airplane for an ETOPS flight unless enough ETOPS Alternate Airports are listed in the dispatch or flight release such that the airplane remains within the authorized ETOPS maximum diversion time.

What are the ETOPS requirements for an airplane?

The FAA grants approval to conduct ETOPS greater than 180 minutes. The following are requirements for all operations greater than 180 minutes. (1) The FAA grants approval only to certificate holders with existing 180-minute ETOPS operating authority for the airplane-engine combination to be operated.

What does ETOPS stand for in military category?

An ETOPS area of operation is an area within the authorized ETOPS maximum diversion time approved for the operations being conducted.

What are the MEL requirements for 120 minute ETOPS?

(3) The certificate holder must comply with the maintenance program requirements of § 121.374, except that a pre-departure service check before departure of the return flight is not required. (4) The certificate holder must comply with the MEL requirements in its operations specifications for 120-minute ETOPS. (d) 120-minute ETOPS.