What is ALS in the Air Force?

What is ALS in the Air Force?

Airman Leadership School, or ALS, is a 24-day leadership training program required for enlisted Air Force airmen planning to make a career out of the military. ALS is an entry-level part of what the military calls Professional Military Education or PME.

How many credits is ALS?

Students who complete ALS earn 9 Community College of the Air Force credits by completing 189 hours of Course Foundation, Professional Airman, and Supervisory Concepts, in addition to various Communication Assignments and Drill & Ceremony.

How do you disenroll from ALS?

To disenroll, log into your AU Portal account (link above). On the right-side menu, hover the curser over ‘Manage My Program’ then select ‘Cancel Program’. Do I get a PME ribbon when I complete the DLC? One ribbon/cluster is awarded when you complete each level of EPME: ALS, NCO, SNCO, CLC.

How long is USAF ALS?

It is a five-week-long, United States Air Force program designed to develop airmen into effective front-line supervisors. The classes prepare them to lead their future teams to help support the overall Air Force mission.

Can you take leave during ALS?

If you need to take time off work due to ALS, the Family and Medical Leave Act requires businesses with at least 50 employees to offer at least 12 weeks of unpaid leave to deal with a serious illness. This law applies both to the person with the illness and to any family member who needs time off to help care for them.

Do you need retainability for ALS?

The member must also have at least six months of retainability from the projected class graduation date before being enrolled. ALS covers combat leader, military professional, supervision of Airmen, verbal and written communication and group dynamics.

How long is als school?

B. Learning Delivery

ALS Program Program Duration
Lower Elementary Level (EL) approximately 4-5 months
Advanced EL approximately 8-10 months
Junior High School (JHS) approximately 2 years
Senior High School (SHS) ALS SHS curriculum for issuance – in the interim, learners will complete the 2 year formal SHS program

Where can I find my ALS certificate?

Your course certificate will always be available for you to download from your profile page (Home –>My profile –>View profile)….ALS, ARNI, EPALS, NLS, ILSi course certificates:

  1. ALS candidates.
  2. EPALS candidates.
  3. NLS candidates.
  4. ARNI candidates.

How long is NCO Academy?

FORT STEWART NCOA OVERVIEW Basic Leader Course is a 22-academic day course course consisting of 169 hours which focuses on the six NCO Common Core Competencies.

How often do you wear Blues in ALS?

Uniform Requirements Blues will be worn three times throughout the course, so please bring enough uniform items to accommodate the academic schedule. Ribbons and Occupational Badges are required on Service Dress uniforms.

Why do so many veterans get ALS?

Factors that might feed into the increased risk of ALS in veterans include exposure to lead, pesticides or other environmental contacts, use of tobacco or alcohol or extreme physical exertion.