Whats the difference between R888 and R888R?

Whats the difference between R888 and R888R?

The R888R uses the same R-compound as the R888 but the R888R has an asymmetric tread pattern that creates a 14% increase in contact patch while cornering and 10% increase in a straight line. At this point, Toyo is planning on phasing out the R888 in most sizes and replacing it with the R888R.

Are R888 radials?

Although the R888 are not a drag radial, I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about them and the majority of reviews said that these tires hook great.

Is ad08r a semi slick?

The dry grip of these tyres has been very good and even the wet grip has been surprisingly good, again, given that it’s a semi slick tyre.

Is R888R road legal?

The R888R is not simply an evolution of the existing model, it has been completely re-engineered to give improvements in all areas over the R888. These improvements mean it performs even better on track and surpasses the latest tyre labelling regulations so it is totally legal to use as a road tyre.

Can you daily R888R?

Absolutely. The nice thing about the 888’s is that you can swap them at home, and drive to the track day, rather than having to have a “track day trailer” or a chase car. THAT is what the “street legal race tires” are really for.

Are Toyo r888r good for drag racing?

Recommended for competition events, the Toyo Proxes R888 tire is more designed for road racing than drag racing. But don’t let that fool you, the R888 is a great option for street cars looking to get as much grip as possible without sacrificing complete performance.

Is ad08R good in wet?

The ad08R Is a superb tyre, both in the wet and dry, and will last considerably longer than a R1R and R888.

Are Yokohama ad08R road legal?

Like almost all high performance tyres, the AD08Rs are directional which means you can’t take a wheel off the left side of the car and put it onto the right. The AD08Rs are also road-legal, although I don’t run my set on the road any more than I have to.

Are Toyo R888R good in rain?

The Toyo Proxes R888 tires can be driven in the rain and in fact in moderately heavy rain.

Are racing slicks road legal?

Since completely slick tyres are outlawed on most roads due to their inability to handle wet pavement, the “cheater slick” became a popular item in the hot rod world in the 1960s; a typical slick type tyre, but engraved with the absolute minimum amount of tread grooves required to satisfy legal requirements.

Is R888 street legal?

Ideal for road racing, track days and high performance driving schools, the Proxes R888 is the next-generation, street legal competition tyre from Toyo Tires.