What caused 2013 Kedarnath flood?

What caused 2013 Kedarnath flood?

The banks of the Chorabari lake in Kedarnath collapsed due to a cloudburst that had resulted in a major flash flood causing widespread destruction in Uttarakhand and led to heavy losses to infrastructure, agriculture lands, human and animal lives.

How did Kedarnath temple survived the 2013 flood?

It survived due to its sturdy construction. Striations on the wall of the temple, that could have formed when the glacier moved around the structure, further support the theory. It is believed that large amounts of water flowed down from the Chorabari lake formed by the melt of the glacier.

How many people died in Kedarnath flood?

According to the state government, more than 5,700 people were presumed dead in the disaster. As bridges and roads were destroyed more than 3 lakh people were trapped in the valleys leading to the Char Dham pilgrimage sites.

Is Kedarnath temple destroyed in flood?

The Kedarnath valley, along with other parts of the state of Uttarakhand, was hit with unprecedented flash floods on 16 and 17 June 2013. Although the temple withstood the severity of the floods, the complex and surrounding area were destroyed, resulting in the death of hundreds of pilgrims and locals.

How old is Kedarnath shivling?

The temple is said to be more than 1,200 years old and one among the 12 jyotirlingas in India. The majestic Kedarnath peak (6,940 metres) stands behind the temple along with other peaks and adds to the scenery of the area.

Was Kedarnath a flop?

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Why Kedarnath is closed for 6 months?

Kedarnath is considered to be an important part of the journey of four Dhamas. The temple of Kedarnath is always covered with snow and due to the bad weather of it the valves of the temple are closed for 6 months.

How many people died in Kedarnath flood in 2013?

This horrific incident was the part of the 2013 North India Flood. It affected 4550 Villages and caused more than 5748 deaths. This is the government data, so the real death count could be more than 10,000 deaths. How Kedarnath Temple Survived Flood?

Why was Kedarnath temple destroyed in Mandakini flood?

Due to its proximity to the surroundings of Chorabari Glacier, the area around the Kedarnath Temple suffered unspeakable damage. One reason is the Overflow of the Mandakini river. And because of this flash flood destroyed the area of Kedarnath on 16th and 17th June 2013 respectively.

How did bhimshila stone help in Kedarnath flood?

In this whole Kedarnath Flood Story, the most surprising incident is about Bhimshila Stone. During the flash flood, a huge boulder (rock) fell from the mountain and stood itself between the floods behind the main temple. And this giant stone (now called Bhimshila) proved to be the savior of the Kedarnath Temple.

What was the cause of flash flood in 2013 in Uttarakhand?

But the environmentalists believe that the flash flood of 2013 in Uttarakhand was a man-made one.