How do I download iVMS-4500 app?

How do I download iVMS-4500 app?

Open the Play Store on your phone or tablet and search for: iVMS-4500 and click on INSTALL when you find the app by HIKVISION HQ. Please note: Depending on your internet speed it may take a few minutes to download and install on your device.

What is the use of iVMS-4500?

The iVMS-4500 allows you to playback the recorded video that is recorded in the DVR or NVR. You just need to get into the remote playback menu. The playback window allows you to take a picture from a recorded video, cut the part you want to export, fast forward the video and stop the visualization.

What is the latest version of iVMS-4500?

iVMS-4500 4.7. 7 for Android – Download.

Which app is used for Hikvision?

The Hik-connect app is from Hikvision, which is developed to connect Hikvision’s IP Cameras, NVRs, Turbo DVRs, etc to your iOS and Android mobile Phones. It allows users to live view and replay Hikvision’s devices remotely.

How do I connect iVMS 4500?

Open your iVMS-4500 on your iPhone or Android Phone, click the top left corner, followed by clicking “Hik-Connect”. You will see the login page of Hik-Connect service. Click “Login”. (If you haven’t registered with the service before, click “Register” to register an account by following the onscreen instructions.)

What port does iVMS 4500 use?

Hikvision DVRs and NVRs use ports 8000, 554 and 80 for remote services. The remote app used to connect from iPhone or an Android phone is called iVMS 4500, It is available on the Play Store and App Store and made by Hikvision. Android users can also download the mobile app from the Hikvision App Store.

What is hikvision iVMS-4500?

iVMS-4500 (Android) mobile client software, which is designed for mobile phone on the basis of Android OS (Version 4.0 or higher), can be used to remotely monitor the live video from embedded DVR, NVR, network camera, network speed dome and encoder via wireless network, play back record files, locally store and manage …

Who makes iVMS-4500?

Hikvision US
iVMS-4500 | Hikvision US | The world’s largest video surveillance manufacturer.

How do I connect to iVMS 4500?

Does iVMS 4500 working on mobile data?

Even if the Hikvision i-VMS-4500 is working correctly via Wi-Fi, sometimes it simply doesn’t work while connected to 3G, 4G, LTE, or even on the new 5G. Most of the time, the problem is related to a closed (logical) port in your router, a misconfiguration in the network, or the lack of enough bandwidth.