What is PocketCloud on my computer?

What is PocketCloud on my computer?

PocketCloud — made by Wyse, a subsidiary of Dell — is a range of three applications for remotely accessing files stored on your computer. They include PocketCloud Remote Desktop, PocketCloud Explore and PocketCloud Web.

What is Wyse remote access?

WyseRemoteAccess.exe is an executable exe file which belongs to the Wyse RemoteAccess Server process which comes along with the Wyse Remote Access Server for Windows Software developed by DELL software developer.

What is Pocket Cloud?

Pocket Cloud. A WiFi enabled flashdrive that can connect to all of your Windows, Mac, Android and iOs devices. A WiFi enabled flashdrive that can connect to all of your Windows, Mac, Android and iOs devices.

Should I delete Quickset64?

Since Quickset64 is pre-installed software on Dell PC, improper uninstallation might trigger many problems. So, it’s important to completely uninstall this program from your computer and delete all of its files.

What is Quickset64?

What is Dell Quickset64? It is a practical software developed by Dell Corporation to configure or view network connectivity on Dell laptops. Dell Quickset provides users with an easy way to replace power management settings and support power savings as well as balance performance.

Can I uninstall true color?

Then Search for TrueColorALS.exe or the software name True Color in the search bar or try out the developer name Entertainment Experience. Then click on it and select the Uninstall Program option to remove TrueColorALS.exe file from your computer.

Can I uninstall SmartByte drivers and services?

To remove SmartByte application using Control Panel, all you have to do is: Navigate to the Search menu and look for the Control Panel. From the Control Panel window, click on Programs and Features. Find the SmartByte application from the list of programs and right-click on it to choose the Uninstall option.

Should I uninstall QuickSet?

Do I need Smartbyte drivers and services?

The utility, which is enabled by default, works with both Intel and Realtek wireless chips, so you don’t have to worry about installing new Smartbyte drivers and services to get it. That being said, you would expect that by having this tool installed your Internet speeds should regulate better when streaming videos.

What is true color ALS?

TrueColorALS.exe is an executable exe file which belongs to the True Color process which comes along with the True Color Software developed by Entertainment Experience software developer. If the TrueColorALS.exe process in Windows 10 is important, then you should be careful while deleting it.

What Does True Color app do?

Using a supported X-Rite measurement device*, ColorTRUE quickly and easily measures the color of your Apple® iOS or Android® device, creating a custom profile. This profile is then automatically applied to your images in the ColorTRUE Image Gallery (which are seamlessly linked to your existing albums).

What is pocketcloud and what does it do for You?

PocketCloud provides you with a convenient method of creating your own personal cloud from where stored files and folders can be accessed, regardless of your location and the used device.

How does pocketcloud save space on your phone?

PocketCloud is your phone’s perfect companion. Free up space on your device by wirelessly transferring files to PocketCloud. Once transferred to PocketCloud, they are no longer taking up space on your phone and are still easily accessible using the app from your smartphone or tablet.

What to do with shared folders on pocketcloud?

The ‘Settings’ section enables you to manage (add or remove) the shared folders (Music, Videos, Documents, Pictures are some of the directories included by default).

Do you need a Google account to use pocketcloud?

In order to make it work, a Google account is required, since the application uses it to link all the devices together and make the uploaded content available to all. All types of files and folders can be stored online and then accessed from anywhere.