What is the meaning of Coccinia?

What is the meaning of Coccinia?

The scarlet gourds are a genus (Coccinia from the Greek, kokkinia or kokkinias – “red” or “scarlet”) with 25 species. It is distributed in sub-Saharan Africa and with one species, C. grandis also in South and South-east Asia, and it is also introduced into the New World.

Is Coccinia good for health?

There are several species of ivy gourd, including Coccinia indica, Coccinia cordifolia, and Coccinia grandis. Advocates say the plant helps prevent or treat a wide range of health conditions, from diabetes and high cholesterol to high blood pressure and obesity.

What is Tindora called in English?

Ivy gourd
List of Indian vegetables name

Sweet potato Shakarkandi Sakaravalli kilangu
Tomato Tamatar Thakkali
Taro roots or colocasia Arbi Seppenkilangu
Ivy gourd or gherkins Tindora

How do you eat Coccinia?

Edible Parts Green fruit is used in soups and curries; ripe fruit used raw or stewed with other vegetables; tender leaves/shoots are eaten blanched, boiled or stir-fried, or in soups.

Is Tendli same as Parwal?

Parwal and tindli both may look very similar but their taste and texture is very much different . Tendli is often used to make crunchy salads,stir fries and pickles but very few use to make tindora ki subzi with gravy.

What is the Indian name for ivy gourd?

Kovakkai, as it is known as in Tamil, is also known by different names — ivy gourd, tendli in Marathi, dondakaaya in Telugu and tindora in Hindi. It is a perennial herbaceous vine.

Where does the Coccinia indica plant come from?

It is indigenous to Bengal and other parts of India. C. indicagrows abundantly all over India, Tropical Africa, Australia, Fiji and throughout the oriental countries. The plant has also been used extensively in Ayurvedic and Unani practice in the Indian subcontinent. [3] Seeds or fragments of the vine can be relocated and lead to viable offspring.

How does Coccinia grandis get to the ground?

C. grandis can be spread by its seeds, which can be carried by birds, rodents and possibly pigs. It can also be spread by its tuberous roots and soil movement ( Englberger, 2009 ). Stems of C. grandis readily strike roots at nodes when they come into contact with soil ( Muniappan et al., 2009 ).

What are the fruits of a Coccinia plant like?

The fruit, like the plant, bears a waxy bloom c Ripening fruits of C. megarrhiza have a dark green halo around the white longitudinal mottling.

How many sepals does a Coccinia flower have?

Coccinia species are dioecious, meaning that individual plants produce flowers with only male or only female organs. The sepals are connected and have five triangulate to lineal lobes.