What is the cutoff for Siib Pune?

What is the cutoff for Siib Pune?

SNAP 2018 cut offs are applicable for admission 2019 in 15 Symbiosis MBA colleges accepting SNAP score….

Symbiosis college SIIB (Symbiosis Institute of International Business)
City Pune
SNAP Cutoff expected percentile for 2019 92
SNAP cutoff percentile 2018 93.2

What is the expected cutoff for Symbiosis Pune?

SNAP 2021 cut off for SIBM Pune admission is expected to be around 97-98.5 percentile….SNAP Cut Offs 2021.

Institute Expected SNAP 2021 cut off (percentile)
SIBM, Pune 97-98
SCMHRD, Pune 94-96
SIIB, Pune 95-93
SIBM, Bangalore 90

Is Siib worth joining?

It is a decent choice if you’re planning to do your MBA in IB or agro-business. The average package offered is around 10 lakhs. The course curriculum gives you a global perspective on many things. The locale is very admirable even though the location of the college is a bit far from the city.

What is the cutoff for Scmhrd?

The overall cut-off for SCMHRD was 97.4 percentile.

What is the average package of Siib Pune?

SIIB Pune Placement Highlights 2019

Particulars Stats/Salary
Highest Recruiting Sector BFSI
Average Salary Package MBA (IB) Rs 10.6 LPA
Average Salary Package (AB) Rs 8.75 LPA
Average Salary Package (EE) Rs 8.48 LPA

Is MBA from Siib worth it?

It was ranked 43 for MBA by India Today in 2019. MBA in international business is the flagship program of SIIB….Is it worth to do MBA in international business from SIIB Pune?

Intake 120
Placement Percentage 100%
Highest Salary Package (Domestic) INR 17 LPA
Highest Salary Package (International) INR 62.85 LPA

What will be a good score for SNAP 2020?

What is a Good Score in SNAP? A score of around 25 – 30 out of 60 in SNAP can help you get admission in the top colleges. This is as per the new exam pattern of SNAP.