What is an Eph?

What is an Eph?

Both the men’s and women’s athletic teams at Williams are referred to as Ephs in honor of Colonel Ephraim Williams. Purple Cows is also a term that is used to refer to tEph teams, but Ephs is the more commonly used reference.

Is Williams football d1?

The Williams Ephs football program represent Williams College of Williamstown, Massachusetts in the sport of college football….

Williams Ephs football
Location Williamstown, Massachusetts
NCAA division Division III
Conference NESCAC
Colors Purple and gold

Why are the Williams teams called Ephs?

The Williams Ephs (pronounced eefs) are the varsity intercollegiate athletic programs of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. The Ephs’ nickname (which rhymes with “chiefs”) is a shortened form of the name of Ephraim Williams, the college’s founder.

What is the mascot of Williams College?

Ephelia the Purple Cow
Williams College/Mascot
Williams College Athletics The Williams College mascot the Purple Cow, Most Lovable Mascot in All of College Athletics so said Reader’s Digest is iconic and unique, but the most visible animal on the Williams campus is the gray squirrel seen here making a visit to a recent outdoor volleyball practice.

What is Williams College nickname?

Williams College/Nicknames

Is Williams College Ivy League?

Although lesser known as a liberal arts college, Williams is one of the best non-Ivy colleges in the nation, with majors ranging from economics to political science, government, and history.

How prestigious is Williams college?

Williams is consistently at or near the top of the list of liberal arts colleges in the country. Isn’t that prestigious enough? It’s significantly smaller than the Ivy League schools and does not have graduate programs so of course it is less well known than Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

Is Williams college a party school?

There are definitely parties on the weekends – some are school sponsored and some take place in dorms – but after a few weekends of homogeneous partying a lot of people choose to stay in with their friends.

Is Williams College Worth the money?

Williams College, a perennial top scorer on the Forbes ranking of America’s Top Colleges, comes in at No. 3 for Best Value Colleges worth the price of admission. It sits at No. 26 on the overall Best Value Colleges list.

How prestigious is Williams College?