What time is Shabe Yalda?

What time is Shabe Yalda?

Shabe Yalda, or Yalda night is an evening of festivities and merriment that begins when the sun sets on the last day of fall (last day of Maah e Azar on Jalali Calendar) and continues until the dawn of the first day of winter, or first day of Maah e Dey.

How do you say Happy Yalda in Persian?

So remember if you see Persian people around you on Dec 20-21, tell them “Shabe Yalda Mobarak!” or شب یلدا مبارک meaning Happy Yalda!

How do Iranians celebrate Yalda?

On Shab-e-Yalda, people gather in groups of friends or relatives usually at the home of grandparents or the elderly to pass the longest night of the year happily by eating nuts and fruits, reading Hafiz poems, making good wishes, and talking and laughing all together to give a warm welcome to winter, and a felicitous …

What is the central idea in Shab e Yalda?

On Yalda festival, Iranians celebrate the arrival of winter, the renewal of the sun and the victory of light over darkness. Considered the longest night of the year, Yalda eve is the night when ancient Iranians celebrated the birth of Mithra, the goddess of light. Yalda means birth.

Do Afghans celebrate Shab-e Yalda?

Today, many friends and families from Iranian, Afghan, Tajik, Kurdish and Azeri communities come together to celebrate Shabe Yalda. Friends gather in groups or relatives usually at the home of grandparents or the elderly to spend the whole night waiting for the sun to rise.

What do Iranians eat in Yalda night?

Traditional Celebrations During Yalda Night Yalda Night is celebrated with the enjoyment of delicious foods. Iranians eat nuts, watermelons, and pomegranates on this special night and share the last remaining fruits from summer together. Fruits of Shab-e-Yalda have symbolic significance as well.

What can I cook for Yalda night?

Kalam Polo (cabbage and rice) is the traditional dish of Shiraz, an ancient city south of Iran. The main ingredients of the famous local cuisine are rice, kohlrabi, aromatic herbs, meatballs and pomegranate paste. The appetizing delicacy is known as the main dish of Yalda Night in Shiraz.

Is Yalda a holiday in Iran?

The winter solstice, known as Shab-e Yalda in Iran, is the longest night of the year and falls on Saturday, December 21, this year. Shab-e Yalda is among the popular pre-Islamic holidays still celebrated in Iran.

Why do we eat pomegranate on Yalda night?

The purple outer covering of a pomegranate symbolizes birth or dawn, and their bright red seeds the glow of life. One of the other traditions of Yalda night, which has been added in recent centuries, is the recitation of the classic poetry of Hafez, the Iranian poet of 14th century AD.