How much does a purple tarantula cost?

How much does a purple tarantula cost?

Minimum Qty. Discount Cost Per Critter
2+ 10% off $152.99
3-4 15% off $144.49
5-9 20% off $135.99
10+ 25% off $127.49

What is the best tarantula for beginners?

12 Best Pet Tarantulas for Beginners

  • Skeleton Tarantula.
  • Pumpkin Patch Tarantula.
  • Green Bottle Blue Tarantula.
  • Mexican Redrump Tarantula.
  • Mexican Redleg Tarantula.
  • Mexican Redknee Tarantula.
  • Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula.
  • Curly Hair Tarantula.

What do purple tarantulas eat?

Purple tree tarantulas prey on crickets, cockroaches, meal worms, waxworms and darkling beetles, but they also can catch small rodents, lizards, and sometimes birds. During mating the females become very aggressive towards the males.

How long do purple pink toe tarantulas live?

4-8 years
They live to an average of 4-8 years and mature within 2-3 years. It is a well-known and relatively common species in the wild. FOOD AND FEEDING. The pink-toed tarantula consumes mostly insect prey and is an aggressive feeder.

Are there purple tarantulas?

Avicularia purpurea, also called purple tree tarantula, Ecuadorian purple tarantula or Ecuador purple pinktoe, is a species of spider belonging to the family Theraphosidae (tarantulas).

Do pink toe tarantulas need a heat lamp?

Heating and lighting : this species doesn’t need any heating or lighting as long as your house stays at 75°-80°F. If your hose drops below that , a small portable heater is recommended to heat up the room. Humidity and water : the humidity should be kept at 70%-80%.

Do tarantulas like being pet?

Yes, if they have the right temperament for it. Most spiders have their own temperaments and if you stroke your spider regularly, they will expect it from you. This is especially true if you’ve had them for years. You can basically train your pet tarantula not to fear being stroked, and even like it.

Are purple tarantulas good pets?

In captivity, Avicularia purpurea is quite a docile tarantula and makes for an optimal pet. While there are quite a few tarantula species that aren’t great to handle, this is typically an exception.

Are Purple Pinktoe tarantulas poisonous?

Attitude: Pinktoe tarantulas are docile, active and fast-moving. Defensive behavior: Avicularia are quite docile if not handled roughly. Bite danger: All tarantulas have venom, but luckily Pink toes’ venom isn’t very potent. Most humans don’t have systemic effects from this spider’s bite.