What happened to ICAP?

What happened to ICAP?

In November 2015, ICAP agreed terms for the disposal of its global hybrid voice broking and information business to Tullett Prebon. The company changed its name from ICAP plc to NEX Group plc in December 2016. In March 2018, it was announced that NEX Group would be bought by American CME Group for US$5.5 billion.

Is TP ICAP same as ICAP?

In November 2015, the company agreed to terms with ICAP (now known as NEX Group) to acquire their global hybrid voice broking and information business. Using the name of the acquired business the company changed its name from Tullett Prebon plc to TP ICAP plc on 30 December 2016.

What is ICAP system?

iCAP, the Innodisk Cloud Administration Platform, is a browser-accessed management platform that allows you to monitor the status of solid-state drives (SSDs), memory, and other components in edge devices.

What does ICAP stand for broker?

Garban-Intercapital plc
ICAP, formerly Garban-Intercapital plc, was formed in September 1999 by the merger of Garban plc and Intercapital plc. Exco plc acquired the wholesale broking operations of IPGL in a reverse takeover in October 1998 and changed its name to Intercapital plc.

What is TP ICAP?

CONNECTING THE WORLD’S MARKETS TP ICAP Group acts as an intermediary between sophisticated market participants who are seeking to buy and sell financial products in markets where there are no centralised exchanges or market makers, such as over-the-counter or bond markets.

Who founded ICAP?

Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer set up ICAP as an interest rate swap broker in 1986 with three friends. Today ICAP is a publicly traded company with more than 4,500 employees servicing customers in 50 countries and is considered one of the most innovative companies in financial services.

Does ICAP exist?

With offices in 26 countries, TP ICAP Group simplifies access to the world’s financial, commodity and energy markets. We’re part of a dynamic, global broking business that clients can rely on around the clock.

Who are TP ICAP competitors?

The top 10 competitors in TP ICAP plc’s competitive set are GFI Group, BGC Partners, Compagnie Financiere Tradition SA, Investment Technology Group, Inc., Devoteam, T.

What is ICAP protocol used for?

The Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) is designed to offload the processing of Internet-based content to dedicated servers. ICAP helps free up resources and standardize how features are implemented. A proxy server, such as WebSEAL, can be configured to pass client requests and responses through ICAP servers.

How does ICAP scanning work?

The ICAP AV server scans the contents and prompts JSCAPE MFT Server if a malware is detected. This will in turn raise an Antivirus Violation event. 4. JSCAPE MFT Server can then respond to the event (e.g. delete the file or quarantine the file) using a preconfigured trigger action.

What is ICAP tax abatement?

This program provides abatements for property taxes for periods of up to 25 years. To be eligible, industrial and commercial buildings must be built, modernized, expanded, or otherwise physically improved. ICAP replaced the Industrial Commercial Exemption Program (ICIP) which ended in 2008.

Is TP ICAP a broker dealer?

As the world’s biggest inter-dealer broker, we are uniquely placed to add value to clients by providing access to the largest pools of liquidity and best pricing. In addition, we ensure client anonymity, enable information flow and provide efficient execution services.