What is the weight capacity of a Luton van?

What is the weight capacity of a Luton van?

Features of a Luton van with tail lift A Luton is typically 3.5 tonnes and has a 2.2 litre engine, a minimum haulage capacity of 800 kg, and a length of 6.7 metres.

How much weight can a 3.5 ton Luton carry?

Whilst the weight you can carry varies depending on the exact make and model of 3.5 tonne van you hire, each has its load limit. A 3.5 tonne Luton van for instance can carry up to 1,300kg of weight. Load limits are there for a reason.

What is unladen weight of a van?

When a van is empty but fuelled, its weight is called the ‘unladen weight’ or sometimes referred to as kerb weight. This is the maximum weight that a van is legally allowed to weigh when loaded. It includes: the van, the fuel, you and any passengers and anything else you’re carrying.

Which Luton van has the highest payload?

Luton Van Comparison Chart
Van Payload Load Height
Mercedes Sprinter Luton 1000kg 2070mm
Renault Master Luton 1250kg 2090mm
Citroen Relay Luton 1170kg 2255mm

What size van do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

7.5 ton luton box van with tail lift Ideal for a 3-bedroom house move, it can typically carry complete kitchen, bedroom, living room and garden furniture. The 7.5 ton is usually plenty for an average house move, but if you happen to have upward of 50 boxes, 4 beds and a few sofas, you may require 2 luton vans.

Can I drive a Luton van on a normal car Licence?

Yes, by law, you can drive any van (including a Luton sized van) weighing up to 3.5 tonnes on a standard driving licence. You do not need any additional driving qualifications and licence categories to operate a Luton van.

How much weight can a 3.5 ton van hold?

“Traditionally, a 3.5-tonne LCV would have a payload of about 2,000kg but recent figures indicate that this has fallen to 1,500kg. “Operators must take into account the kerb weight and load positioning within LCVs before loading them up to ensure the vehicle remains under the 3.5- tonne permissible weight limit.

Can you drive a 3.5 ton van on a normal license?

What size van can I hire on a normal licence? You can hire any van up to 3.5 tonnes on a standard driving licence. That includes large vans such as the full size Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter.

What is the weight of a van?

You can expect an average van weight to be about 4,374 pounds (1,984 kg)….7 Example Van Weights.

Van Model Estimated Curb Weight
2020 Toyota Sienna 4,590 lbs (2,082 kg)
2020 Ford Transit-350 Cargo Extended Cargo Van 5,799 lbs (2,630 kg)

How do I know the weight of my van?

If you are in any doubt, get in touch with the manufacturer giving them your vehicle chassis number, make and model. Various weights are etched/stamped on the manufacturer’s sticker/plate, including the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). This plate/sticker tends to contain the chassis number of the vehicle, too.

Can you drive a Luton van on a normal license?

How much weight can a Ford Transit Luton carry?

Although there is no side door to the van, just the 1.9m x 1.8m rear door, access is relatively trouble-free. While not quite able to harbour the same payload as the standard Transit, it’s still capable of carrying a weight of 600kg which is no minor undertaking.