Who are the actors in the Shreddies commercial?

Who are the actors in the Shreddies commercial?

Shreddies, the Nestle owned cereal brand, is continuing its Knitting Nanas television campaign with an ad featuring Carry On actor Leslie Philips. The latest spot gives the Knitting Nanas a makeover to reflect the new Shreddies recipe.

What happened with Nick Knowles and the Shreddies advert?

A report in The Sun newspaper last week said his commercial deal threatened to violate the corporation’s rules. Knowles, who has hosted the BBC home improvement show since 1999, featured in a 30-second Shreddies advert as a builder helping a family, while describing himself as “Nick ‘get it done’ Knowles”.

Why is Nick Knowles facing the sack?

Knowles has hosted the BBC Two show since it began in 1999 but breached BBC advertising guidelines. BBC presenter Nick Knowles could face being axed for his hit show, DIY SOS, after he starred in a Shreddies advert.

Do Shreddies knit?

For over 50 years, Shreddies have played a key role in family breakfasts but until now it has not been widely known that Shreddies are in fact knitted by Nanas.

Who are the twins in the shreddies Commercial 2020?

Twin brothers Gary and Alan Keery have always been fans of cereal. But it was one day, as they searched for a place to grab some lunch, they realized what they craved was cereal. From this craving came the idea for a place people could enjoy cereal for any meal.

How much did Nick Knowles get paid for shreddies advert?

Nick Knowles makes £350,000 a YEAR from DIY SOS – as he faces the sack in row over Shreddies advert.

Does Nick Knowles still work for the BBC?

‘Both Nick and the BBC have resolved the issue recently reported relating to Nick’s commercial agreements and BBC guidelines. With the campaign still running, Nick will step back from the DIY SOS Children In Need special this year but will be back on our screens in 2022,’ a joint statement confirmed in May.

Is Nick Knowles in a relationship?

The presenter allegedly met his new girlfriend at a playgroup attended by his youngest son Eddie, seven. In February 2020 Nick confirmed that he was single again following his split from girlfriend Emily.

How much does Nick Knowles get paid for DIY SOS?

TELLY star Nick Knowles rakes in nearly £350,000 a year from his hit home renovation show DIY SOS. The presenter’s firm, Augustine Good Vibes Ltd, currently has a total of £186,725 in cash in its company accounts for 2020 – down from his £359,600 cash packet the previous year.

Is Nick Knowles getting the sack?

Nick Knowles won’t be sacked from DIY SOS, the presenter has confirmed. The 58-year-old was rumoured to be in trouble with the BBC after he appeared in a Shreddies commercial, threatening his 22-year tenure on the renovation show.

Why are Shreddies so good?

As well as containing whole grains, Shreddies are high in fibre and fortified with five B vitamins and iron. A 40g serving of Shreddies provides 32 per cent of our daily need for iron, a nutrient vital for healthy blood and transporting oxygen around the body.

Are Shreddies healthy?

A bowl of these tasty malty cereal squares is also a source of iron* and high in fibre. Fortified with five B vitamins, a 40g serving of Shreddies provides at least 22% of the Reference Intake (RI), the daily nutrient targets of the average healthy person.