What is time sensitive work?

What is time sensitive work?

used to describe a product that has to be delivered by a particular time, or information that is only useful for a particular period: We deliver high-value, time-sensitive goods like cars, computers and specialist chemicals. time-sensitive documents.

How do you use time sensitive in a sentence?

Schemes of this sort are time-sensitive as farmers must have the will and the cash available. I agree, however, that some of it, especially time-sensitive freight, should go on that route. If a company’s activities are time-sensitive, they may be marginalised and the company might be forced out of business.

What does time sensitive material mean?

Time-sensitive materials (TSM) are materials whose quality or effectiveness degrade over time and which are often kept in a controlled environment when not being used on the shop floor.

What is time sensitive manner?

1. physically changing as time passes. 2. only relevant or applicable for a short period of time.

What’s another word for time sensitive?

What is another word for time-sensitive?

time-critical time-dependent
sore must-have
parlous vital
life-and-death primary
impelling of great consequence

What is another word for time sensitive?

Which is a sensitive service?

“Sensitive services” means those services that are defined as services related to sexual assault, substance or alcohol abuse, pregnancy, family planning, and sexually transmitted diseases for members 12 years of age and older. Informational and education services.

Which protocol is a time-sensitive service?

Which is a time-sensitive service? Explanation: Internet telephony is Loss-tolerant other applications are not. Explanation: The transport services that are provided to application are reliable data transfer, security and timing.

Is very time sensitive?

Time-sensitive means that the thing being described has to be done/used/completed by a specific time, normally soon. It’s quite a literal phrase: the thing being described is sensitive to time passing.

What is time-dependent?

Filters. (mathematics, physics) Determined by the value of a variable representing time.