What is a Clinochlore?

What is a Clinochlore?

: a mineral (Mg,Fe,Al)3(Si,Al)2O5(OH)4, of the chlorite group consisting of magnesium aluminum silicate usually containing iron, and occurring in monoclinic pseudohexagonal crystals, in folia or scales, or massive and commonly of a green color.

What mineral is Clinochlore?

Clinochlore is a member of the Chlorite group and is one of the better-known members. It most often is an uninteresting matrix for more important minerals, but the rare and beautiful pink to red variety Kammererite is very popular and treasured by collectors.

Where is Clinochlore found?

Mineralpedia Details for Clinochlore It can be found in the USA, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Scotland, Turkey and Russia among others.

What can chlorite be used for?

Chlorite and chlorate are disinfection by-products resulting from the use of chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant and for odour/taste control in water. Chlorine dioxide is also used as a bleaching agent for cellulose, paper pulp, flour and oils and for cleaning and detanning leather.

Is chlorite a mica?

Chlorite is a member of the mica group of minerals (sheet silicates), like biotite and muscovite. Chlorite is widespread in low grade metamorphic rocks such as slate and schist, in sedimentary rocks, and as a weathering product of any rocks that are low in silica (especially igneous rocks).

How chlorite is formed?

Chlorite forms by the alteration of mafic minerals such as pyroxenes, amphiboles, biotite, staurolite, cordierite, garnet, and chloritoid. Chlorite can also occur as a result of hydrothermal alteration of any rock type, where recrystallization of clay minerals or alteration of mafic minerals produce chlorite.

Is chlorite a schist?

About Chlorite schistHide A schistose metamorphic rock with chlorite minerals as the major (>50%) constituent. Chlorite imparts a schistosity by parallel arrangement of its flakes.

What is difference between chloride and chlorite?

Chlorite and chloride are anions derived from chlorine atoms. Chlorite is an anion having the chemical formula ClO2– while Chloride is the anion having the chemical formula Cl–. Chlorite is an oxyanion and contains oxygen atoms apart from chlorine.

What type of rock is chlorite found in?