Is a Lingulectomy a Segmentectomy?

Is a Lingulectomy a Segmentectomy?

Thoracoscopic segmentectomy requires familiarity with segmental anatomy and operative approaches to the different segments. Most segments can be resected individually or as part of bisegmentectomies (e.g. lingulectomy) although the basal segments may be particularly challenging.

What is the CPT code for lobectomy?

Table 7

Pulmonary lobectomy CPT codes and ICD-9 codes sets
CPT 32480 Removal of lung, other than total pneumonectomy; single lobe (lobectomy)
ICD 32.49 Other lobectomy of lung
VATS procedures (i.e., via thoracoscopy)
CPT 32663 Thoracoscopy, surgical; with lobectomy, total or segmental

What is the CPT code for lung mass?

Three new codes have been created to report lung or pleural space biopsy procedures: 32607, Thoracoscopy; with diagnostic biopsy(ies) of lung infiltrate(s) (eg, wedge, incisional, unilateral); 32608, Thoracoscopy; with diagnostic biopsy(ies) of lung nodule(s) or mass(es) (eg, wedge, incisional), unilateral; and 32609.

What is the CPT code for nasal endoscopy?

When the physician performs endoscopic exams postoperatively (to view the interior of maxillary or sphenoid sinuses through existing surgically created patent sinusotomies), the Academy’s position is that only CPT code 31231 Nasal/sinus endoscopy, diagnostic, unilateral or bilateral (separate procedure) is appropriate.

What is a Lingula?

Medical Definition of lingula : a tongue-shaped process or part: as. a : a ridge of bone in the angle between the body and the greater wing of the sphenoid. b : an elongated prominence of the superior vermis of the cerebellum. c : a dependent projection of the upper lobe of the left lung.

What is Lingulectomy?

[ lĭng′gyə-lĕk′tə-mē ] n. Excision of the lingular portion of the left upper lobe of the lung.

What is the CPT code for pleurodesis?

Global Surgical Package

CPT Code Code Description Global Period
32650 Thoracoscopy, surgical; with pleurodesis (eg, mechanical or chemical) 090
32651 Thoracoscopy, surgical; with partial pulmonary decortication 090
32653 Thoracoscopy, surgical; with removal of intrapleural foreign body or fibrin deposit 090

What is the CPT code for Hepaticojejunostomy?

The search included patients with an ICD-9 code for bile duct injury (567.81, 576.0, 576.3, 576.4, 868.02, 998.2) followed by a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code for hepaticojejunostomy (47760, 47765, 47780, 47785).

What is procedure code 92511?

“Use CPT code 92511 for a diagnostic nasopharyngoscopy with an endoscope, which views the surface area extending from the posterior edge of the soft palate to the nasopharyngeal wall, including the Eustachian tube openings.”

What is a lung lingula?

The term lingula refers to the tip or tongue-like projection of the upper lobe of the left lung but in general it is considered also to be the entire portion of this segment which is supplied by the first segmental bronchus that arises from the upper lobe bronchus.