Who is the god in Mushoku Tensei?

Who is the god in Mushoku Tensei?

Japanese Voice. Hitogami (Human God) is the sworn enemy of Orsted and is shown to be tricky to deal with. A mysterious entity which lives in a pocket dimension located in the center of the world. He appears in Rudeus’ dream to help him by providing information.

Who is the strongest in Mushoku Tensei?

1. Technique God Laplace. That one Demon God who created the Seven Great World Powers system, Laplace is considered as the strongest being in all of Mushoku Tensei.

What happened to Paul Greyrat?

Following the teleportation incident and inability to find his family, Paul fell into a depression and drowned his sorrows in alcohol until his reunion with Rudeus.

Is Rudeus Greyrat death?

Rudeus died at the age of 74. In the end, it is Eris who ends up within the afterlife. Although he married three women, he ends up with the one he asked for on his dying day, Eris.

Who does Rudeus lose his virginity to?

Eris seduces Rudeus Age 13: Lost his virginity to Eris.

Can Rudeus defeat Orsted?

Orsted defeats Rudeus. Under the orders of the Human God, Orsted was ambushed by Rudeus who managed to damage him with magic powerful enough to utterly decimate the city-sized location of the battle, forcing the Dragon God to fight seriously.

Can Rudeus beat Orsted?

Who defeated Hitogami?

Laplace begins studying techniques and spells for the sake of defeating Hitogami, with the goal of one day teaching them to Orsted.

Who did Rudeus end up with?

Surprisingly, Rudeus adopts a polygynist approach to his love life and ends up with Slyphiette, Roxy and Eris in that order. The three marry Rudeus and settle with him for life, putting an end to his romantic endeavours. 1.

How did Rudeus died?

Through the dragon god research, Rudeus was able to figure out a way to propel himself to the past, though ordinarily that requires an insane amount of mana. Unfortunately it was a one way trip, and he succumbed to his injuries.

Who does Sylphiette end up with?

After 8 years, they finally reunited at the Ranoa Magic Academy, but Rudy wasn’t able to recognize her because she was Fitz at that time. With the help of Ariel, Sylphy was able to recreate a childhood event, Rudeus was finally able to realize that Fitz was actually Sylphy and they would eventually get married.

Who is strongest in jobless reincarnation?

9 Rudeus Greyrat (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) — He Learns To Become One Of The Strongest Mages. Reincarnated into a brand new world after his old life ended in regret, Rudeus Greyrat decided to strive to live a better life than the one he left behind.