What is composite attribute example?

What is composite attribute example?

Composite Composite attributes are not atomic because they are assembled using some other atomic attributes. A typical example of a composite attribute is a person’s address, which is composed of atomic attributes, such as City, Zip, and Street.

Which one is derived attribute?

A derived attribute is one whose value is dynamic and derived from another attribute. It is represented by dashed oval in an ER Diagram. For example – Person age is a derived attribute as it changes over time and can be derived from another attribute (Date of birth).

What are stored composite and derived attributes?

Stored attribute −Stored attributes are the attributes that exist in the physical database . For example , date_of_birth. Derived attribute − Derived attributes are the attributes that do not exist in the physical database, but their values are derived from other attributes present in the database.

What is descriptive attribute?

A descriptive attribute or simply a descriptor, on the other hand, describes a non-unique characteristic of an entity instance. For example, the attributes Price and Page_count are the descriptive attributes as two books can have the same price and number of pages.

Why do we use composite attribute?

Composite attribute is one of the types of attribute used in ER modeling. There are values that are to be stored in an attribute can be further divided into meaningful values (sub-values). The attribute that stores such values is called as composite attribute. …

What is attribute explain with example?

An attribute is defined as a quality or characteristic of a person, place, or thing. Real life individuals and fictional characters possess various attributes. For example, someone might be labeled beautiful, charming, funny, or intelligent.

Is date of birth a composite attribute?

A composite attribute is one that is composed of smaller parts. An atomic attribute is indivisible or indecomposable. Example 1: A BirthDate attribute can be viewed as being composed of (sub-)attributes month, day, and year (each of which would probably be viewed as being atomic).

What is descriptive attribute example?

Descriptive AttributeAttributes of the relationship is called descriptive attribute. For example, employee works for department. Here ‘works for’ is the relation between employee and department entities. The relation ‘works for’ can have attribute DATE_OF_JOIN which is a descriptive attribute.

What are some examples of a composite attribute?

“Composite attribute is an attribute where the values of that attribute can be further subdivided into meaningful sub-parts.” Typical examples for composite attribute are; Name – may be stored as first name, last name, middle initial Address – may be stored as door_no, street_name, area_name, city, pincode etc.

What is simple and composite attribute?

Simple and Composite Attributes. Attributes can be classified as having many parts to them or just a single unbreakable attribute. The composite attribute is an attribute that can be subdivided into other single attributes with meanings of their own. A simple attribute is just an attribute that cannot be subdivided into parts.

What are the different types of attributes?

Types of Attributes with Examples Single valued attributes Multi valued attributes Compound /Composite attributes Simple / Atomic attributes Stored attributes Derived attributes Complex attributes Key attributes Non key attributes Required attributes