How many people die from scissor lifts a year?

How many people die from scissor lifts a year?

Falls are the leading cause of death for construction workers, killing more than 200 U.S. workers each year. Between 2011-2014, 1,380 workers were injured as a result of operating an aerial lift or scissor lift. 360 of these injuries were a result of slips, trips, and falls from one level to another.

How many people die on cherry pickers?

Nearly 70 deaths were attributed directly to lifts mounted on a truck. Another 34 deaths were listed in relation to these kinds of equipment in work-related deaths as secondary cause. There are also deaths, in addition, from electrocution in the use of an elevating device.

How do boom lifts not fall over?

Fall Protection Tips for Boom Lift Workers OSHA requires aerial lift workers and MEWP operators to wear full-body harnesses attached to lanyards. Connect the lanyards to the boom or basket. This helps prevent workers from being ejected from the bucket during an aerial lift tip over.

How safe are cherry pickers?

For your own personal safety, it’s important to stay within the parameters of the harness and working platform at the top of the equipment. Due to the heights involved, a serious fall from a cherry picker may lead to more than just a broken ankle – it can be fatal.

Can 2 people go in a cherry picker?

The smaller towable access platforms tend to be designed to lift 120kg or 1 person, whereas the larger models can usually accommodate 200kg or 2 people. The machines listed capacity should strictly not be exceeded, and manufacturer’s operator instructions should be adhered to at all times.

How high can cherry pickers go?

Within our fleet, the highest upwards a cherry picker can reach is 61 metres (200′).

Do I need an IPAF for cherry picker?

Cherry picker training is accredited by IPAF – the International Powered Access Federation. You need to pass a course certified by IPAF to work with cherry pickers, and they’ll issue you with a ‘PAL card’ which shows what sort of course you’ve passed and what types of access platform you can operate.

What is the highest cherry picker?

JLG will unveil a 185ft self-propelled boom lift – the new 1850SJ – at Conexpo next week, topping the current largest lift, the Genie SX180, by almost two metres with a platform height of 185.7ft and a working height of 58.5 metres.