What is posterior pole of the eye?

What is posterior pole of the eye?

In ophthalmology, the posterior pole is the back of the eye, usually referring to the retina between the optic disc and the macula.

What is the exact center of the posterior portion of the retina?

The macula lutea is a flat spot that is located in the exact center of the posterior portion of the retina. The fovea centralis is located in the center of the macula lutea and it contains only cones.

What is the most posterior part of the eye?

Posterior chamber: The posterior chamber is between the iris and lens. The lens is behind the iris and is normally clear. Light passes through the pupil to the lens. The lens is held in place by small tissue strands or fibers (zonules) extending from the inner wall of the eye.

Is the fovea responsible for central vision?

The fovea is responsible for sharp central vision (also called foveal vision), which is necessary in humans for reading, driving, and any activity where visual detail is of primary importance.

What does the posterior segment do for the eye?

In some animals, the retina contains a reflective layer (the tapetum lucidum) which increases the amount of light each photosensitive cell perceives, reflecting the light out of the eye, allowing the animal to see better under low light conditions….Posterior segment of eyeball.

Posterior segment
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Which approaches is used for drug delivery to posterior segment of eye?

An intravitreal injection provides the most direct approach to delivering drugs to the tissues of the posterior segment, and therapeutic tissue drug levels can be achieved.

What separates the anterior and posterior cavities of the eye?

Iris: Pigmented tissue lying behind cornea that gives eye color and controls the amount of light entering the eye by varying size of black pupillary opening; separates the anterior chamber from the posterior chamber.

What is the difference between the anterior and posterior chamber of the eye?

Anterior chamber: This is between your iris and cornea; or the “front” part of the eye. Posterior chamber: This is everything behind the lens of the eye filled with a gel-like transparent fluid.