How many ft are in a ton?

How many ft are in a ton?

Ton Register to Cubic Foot Conversion Table

Ton Register [ton Reg] Cubic Foot [ft^3]
1 ton reg 100 ft^3
2 ton reg 200 ft^3
3 ton reg 300 ft^3
5 ton reg 500 ft^3

How do you convert MBF?

The most commonly used function is in BOLD (multiply by for lumber products, and divide by for panel products)….Conversion Factors.

Conversion Factors Divide by Multiply by
$/mbf (full-sawn) => $/m3 2.3585 0.4240
$/mbf (1×3 or 2×3) => $/m3 1.4741 0.6784
$/mbf (1×4 or 2×4) => $/m3 1.5478 0.6461
$/mbf (1×6 or 2×6) => $/m3 1.6215 0.6167

How many board feet are in a ton of oak?

I scale by the cedar scale and you have to be right on or you will come up short. I buy oak and pine by the ton and average 250 to 300 board feet per ton. Industry standard is about 4 tons per 1mbdft.

How do you calculate a ton?

Length in feet x Width in feet x Depth in feet (inches divided by 12). Take the total and divide by 21.6 (the amount of cubic feet in a ton). The final figure will be the estimated amount of tons required.

How many m3 are in a tonne?

The Metric tonnes amount 2.41 t converts into 1 m3, one cubic meter. It is the EQUAL concrete volume value of 1 cubic meter but in the Metric tonnes mass unit alternative.

How do I calculate MSF?

A 4′ x 8′ sheet has 32 square feet per sheet and is calculated by multiplying the width by the length. 4 x 8 = 32. So if we have a drywall price of $230.00 m (msf) and you need the price of a 4’x10′ sheet, you multiply . 230 x 40(40 sq.

What is BF in measurement?

A board foot is a wood measurement for a piece of lumber 12″ wide by 1′ long by 1″ thick for estimating purposes. Board foot, or board feet, is commonly abbreviated as FBM, BDFT, or BF.

What does 1000 board feet weigh?

The weight of wood can vary from tree to tree, so use these conversions as estimates and guidelines only. 1 ton = 2,000 pounds; 1 MBF Doyle = 1,000 board feet, Doyle Log Scale.