Where is Cambro manufactured?

Where is Cambro manufactured?

Cambro is a proud American born and bred manufacturing company. Thanks to facilities in California and North Carolina, 99 percent of Cambro products sold to customers in North America are made in the US.

Who owns Cambro Manufacturing?

Argyle Campbell
Argyle Campbell is the president and CEO of Cambro Manufacturing. Campbell has presided over Cambro since 1991. Prior to 1991, Cambro was run by Argyle’s father, William, who had founded the company with his brother, Argyle, in 1951.

What does Cambro stand for?

Noun. cambro (plural cambros) An insulated container for keeping food or drink hot. quotations ▼

Is Cambro a private company?

Cambro Manufacturing Co is a private company.

Is Cambro Made in USA?

Nearly 70 years and more than 14,000 products later, Cambro is still a family-owned company focused on creating foodservice solutions in the USA. Because of their commitment to American manufacturing, 99 percent of Cambro products sold to customers in North America are made in the US.

Are Cambro lids airtight?

This lid has worked excellently for that purpose. It’s airtight (tighter than I thought it would be) and keeps heat and evaporation in the container very well.

What does Cambro Manufacturing do?

Cambro manufactures and distributes products all over the world. Regional facilities like those in Germany, Turkey, India, and China all manufacture a selection of products for those markets. The rest of Cambro products sold there and all over the world come from COY.

What is Cambro made of?

Cambro food pans are made of plastics like polycarbonate and polyethylene that, in many applications, have several advantages over stainless steel food pans.

Is Cambro a brand name?

Cambro is the preferred brand name for everyone from the biggest fast food brands to the startup caterer who has finally saved enough money to start their dream business. Cambro has and always will be Made in the USA.

How long can you faux Cambro brisket?

two to four hours
Some chefs claim that the brisket is at its best when it’s been kept in a Cambro or faux Cambro for two to four hours. Others bemoan the effect that it has on the bark, which won’t be as crisp after essentially steaming in the foil wrapper for all that time.

How long does food stay hot in a Cambro?

4 hours
So, How Long Can Food Be Safely Stored in the Transporter? All of Cambro’s non-electric insulated transport products will keep hot or cold food out of the danger zone for at least 4 hours–even longer if you use Camwarmers and Camchillers.

Are Cambro containers heat resistant?

Polycarbonate: Cambro’s Camwear containers are transparent and made of polycarbonate plastic. With a temperature rating of -40 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, they have the highest heat resistance of Cambro’s containers, making them ideal for sous vide cooking.