What are the best war films?

What are the best war films?

The Best War Movies Ever Made Schindler List (1993) Full Metal Jacket (1987) Platoon (1986) The Deer Hunter (1978) Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Conclusion About the Author

What are some good army movies?

Featuring war movies, movies about soldiers, and military films, this list of the greatest army movies includes Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Apocalypse Now.

What are the best Vietnam War movies?

List of Best Vietnam War Films of All Times Apocalypse Now (1979) The Deer Hunter (1978) Full Metal Jacket (1987) Platoon (1986) Good Morning Vietnam (1987) Deathdream (1974) Watchmen (2009) We Were Soldiers (2002) Rescue Dawn (2006)


What types of movies were popular during World War 2?

World War II pictures became a major genre of Hollywood film. During the 1940s, WWII movies tended to fall into three categories. Combat action films like “Flying Tigers,” “Guadalcanal Diary,” “Objective, Burma!” and “Wake Island.”. Personal stories of individuals facing life and death situations in the face of the war.

Was World War 2 a “good war”?

World War II as a Good War The vast majority of Americans supported World War II (WWII) after Pearl Harbor was bombed , recognizing a fascist threat to Western democracy. WWII was a good war. It had the ability to unite America. They united against Nazism and fascism.

What actors died in World War 2?

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What are the best movies of 1995?

The Top 100 Movies of 1995 Se7en 1995, 127 min. The Usual Suspects 1995, 106 min. Toy Story 1995, 81 min. 12 Monkeys 1995, 129 min. Braveheart 1995, 177 min. Heat 1995 , 188 min. Casino 1995 , 178 min. Before Sunrise 1995 , 105 min. Apollo 13 1995 , 140 min. La Haine 1995, 96 min. Die Hard With a Vengeance 1995, 131 min.

What was the most popular movie in 1995?

The top grossing US movie in 1995 was “Batman Forever” which earned $184,031,000. Not too far behind was ” Apollo 13 ” which earned $173,756,000.