What Colours Does the Hyundai i30 come in?

What Colours Does the Hyundai i30 come in?

Hyundai i30 Colours

  • Polar White.
  • Amazon Gray.
  • Intense Blue.
  • Fiery Red.
  • Fluid Metal.
  • Phantom Black.

Where is Colour code on Hyundai i30?

Find Your i30 Color & Paint Code Hyundai color codes are relatively easy to find as they are normally on the drivers door jamb.

What Colour is my Hyundai?

The color code is normally placed on the driver side door jamb or on the door’s edge, except for the Excel, where the color code is on the firewall. Hyundai paint codes are two characters and they can contain letters and numbers.

What are the Hyundai i30 models?

There’s one for you.

  • i30.
  • i30 Sedan.
  • i30 N Line.
  • i30 N Line Sedan.
  • i30 N.

Is Hyundai i30 a good car to buy?

Want a hatchback that’s simple to drive, cheap to run and with the peace of mind of a nice chunky warranty? The Hyundai i30, updated for 2020/21, should fall right into your crosshairs. It’s a sensible and rational rival to the class establishment, but then it’s priced right against them, too.

What is the entry level Hyundai?

Intended to meet basic transportation needs, the Accent is Hyundai’s most entry-level vehicle. It’s a subcompact four-door sedan; the Venue and Veloster take the place of the previously available Accent hatchback.

Is the paint code in the VIN number?

Smart paint color codes are located on the same sticker where you can find your VIN number. The paint code is right off the VIN number and contains both letters and numbers.

What color is Hyundai W8?

Hyundai Quartz White Pearl
Hyundai Quartz White Pearl W8/WW8 Touch Up Paint.

Where is color code on Hyundai?

The Hyundai color code is prefixed with the title `PAINT”. This can often be found at the top of the label on the right-hand side.

What color is PGU?

Century White
Normally, there is a standard formula for each paint code….Specifications.

Manufacturer Part Number SP00BCHYUACC00PGUCenturyWhite
Color Century White
Brand ScratchWizard
Product Name Automotive Spray Paint for Hyundai Accent PGU (Century White) Spray Paint + Spray Clear Coat by Scratchwizard

Is the Hyundai i30 a good car?

The i30 hatchback has always been simple and effective on the inside, and the 2021 update doesn’t do much to change that. It’s a fundamentally good interior. It’s very functional, with simple menus and clear graphics, but it also looks very basic compared to what’s on offer in more expensive i30 models.