What jobs can you get with a higher education degree?

What jobs can you get with a higher education degree?

Career Options Opened with a Master’s in Higher Education Leadership

  • Leadership Program Administration.
  • Admissions Dean or Administrator.
  • Financial Aid Director.
  • Student Services Dean.
  • Provost or Vice President.
  • Student Engagement Outreach Specialist.

Can you make good money in higher education?

Studies show that college graduates earn significantly more money throughout their lifetime than those with only high school education. According to a national report by the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (sheeo.org), high school graduates earn an average of almost $30,000 per year.

How do I get a teaching job in higher education?

How to Get a Teaching Job at a College

  1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree. This four-year degree is the first step in the educational pathway required to be a professor.
  2. Earn a master’s degree or a PhD.
  3. Work with professors throughout your education.
  4. Conduct research, publish academic findings, and get teaching experience.

Is higher ed a good career?

And higher education is still going to be one of the best places to work and contribute your knowledge, skills and gifts. Graduate students in higher education in many ways study the ecosystem within which they work — and both they and that ecosystem are hurting.

How do I get a higher education job with no experience?

Consider Taking an Entry-Level Job If you’ve already graduated from college and don’t have prior experience or a master’s degree, you may still be able to get an entry-level position in higher education administration. Check online job postings and, if you’re an alumni, contact your school’s alumni office.

Is a degree in higher education worth it?

With a master’s in higher education administration, salary potential, and the opportunity for career advancement has been shown to increase. As previously stated, college administrators with a master’s degree make an annual average of $22,000 more than those with only a bachelor’s degree according to Burning Glass.

Can you make a living without a college degree?

It’s no surprise that young people might be questioning the need for college. While degree holders do earn more than non-degree holders, making a good living without a degree is absolutely possible. These jobs pay at least $55,000 per year, and all of them are attainable without needing a traditional college degree.

Why is it so hard to get a job at a college?

One of the reasons college graduates can’t find a job is because they don’t know what types of jobs they can get with their major. Many majors, like communications and business, are very broad, but you picked them for certain reasons. You can work in just about any company doing a variety of different things.

What are the disadvantages of higher education?


  • You may not gain technical skills.
  • You may not get employability skills.
  • Contact time is less than at school.
  • You’ll leave with a lot of debt.
  • You will be committing at least three years of your life.
  • You’re not guaranteed a graduate job.
  • Lifetime earnings can be higher with an apprenticeship.

Is a masters in higher education worth it?

A master’s in higher education administration and student affairs degree provides great learning opportunities. It also gives professionals an environment to hone soft skills like problem-solving and time management that will be useful in any higher education administration careers.

How much can you make with a masters in higher education?

Career and Salary Outlook for Higher Education Administration

Job Title Average Base Salary
Training and Development Manager $76,807
Director of Development $73,972
Human Resources Manager $67,948
Director of Alumni Relations $66,309