What does Qujikphiueeekmjquj mean?

What does Qujikphiueeekmjquj mean?

The Cistern Painting Code (QUJIKPHIUEEEKMJQUJ) is a code that can be found in God of War: Ascension. Solving the code yields an image of the Earth and the words “WHEN THE EARTH STOPS, THE JOURNEY BEGINS…” This may be a hint or tease about the next God of War game.

Is God of War: Ascension good?

Despite its faults, God of War: Ascension is a good game. The action is fun, the graphics are astounding, and players are pulled from one high-adrenaline moment to the next.

Is there Easter egg in God of War?

It may have taken some time and effort, but the final Easter Egg in God of War was discovered. This secret was hinted at and later confirmed by the game’s director, Cory Barlog. In Kratos’ home players can find four Elder Futhark symbols that, when translated, spell out Loki.

What are the secret messages in God of War?

Secret messages refer to two phone numbers able to be called upon doing certain tasks at the end of God of War. Both feature Kratos congratulating the player on their achievements.

When did the Earth stop the journey?

There was a teaser in God of War Ascension that showed the Earth semi-illuminated, with the message: “When the Earth stops, the journey begins.” The concept sounds similar to sci-fi novel Hothouse, which presented the Earth as if it has stopped orbiting the sun – meaning only one side could ever see light.

Why was Gow ascension bad?

The game was too dark (lightning, not story wise). Even BEFORE you kill Helios, everything is so dark and dreary. The story was predictable. Everyone knew Kratos was going to try and kill himself in the end.

Is Kratos a Jotun?

Through his father, Kratos, he is also a half God and through his mother half-Jötunn. Following the death of his mother, Laufey, he journeys with his father to fulfill his mother’s final wish of having her ashes scattered at the summit of the highest mountain in all the Nine Realms, which is located in Jötunheim.

How hard is god mode on God of War?

God Mode is the hardest difficulty setting in God of War, Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta and God of War (2018), as well as the second hardest setting in God of War II, and the normal difficulty in God of War III. In God of War, the value of the Orbs remains, but costumes cannot be used.

Who voiced Kratos?

Christopher Judge
Kratos’ voice actor, Christopher Judge, says he’s the reason why God of War: Ragnarok was delayed. In a tweet, Judge writes that he needed multiple surgeries in 2019 and that God of War developer Sony Santa Monica studios delayed the game so he could recover and continue voicing video games’ favorite problematic dad.