What is difference between 3CA 3CB and 3CD?

What is difference between 3CA 3CB and 3CD?

The key difference between Form 3CA and Form 3CB is the audit requirement clause. The main difference between Form 3CA and Form 3CD on the other hand, is related to the fact that Form 3CD is a very detailed statement of accounts used as supporting document for Form 3CA.

What is form 3CA and 3CD?

Form 3CA, 3CB and 3CD are basically prescribed forms that auditors use to present tax audit reports. In Section 44AB, the class of individuals or taxpayers that are required to get their accounts audited from a relevant chartered account are given, along with the rules and regulations.

What is the difference between Form 3CD and 3CB?

Form 3CB. In respect of a taxpayer carrying on a business or profession but who is not required to get his accounts audited under any other law. Along with either of the forms mentioned above, the tax auditor shall also furnish Form 3CD which forms part of the audit report and contains the prescribed particulars.

Is form 3CA mandatory?

Taxpayers who are yet to be audited are required to obtain their audit report in Form 3CA on or before the due date of September 30 of the particular assessment year. Thus, if the financial year 2020-2021 means assessment year 2021-2022 then the taxpayer must have to obtain Form 3CE till November 30, 2021.

What is form 3CB 3CD?

Form 3CB and 3CD are reporting formats which should be used by an auditor who is auditing the books of accounts of taxpayers to whom tax audits are applicable. The provisions of the Income Tax Act which govern a tax audit mandate that a Chartered Accountant should furnish an audit report in the specified form.

What is form no 3CD?

Form 3CD. Form 3CD is prepared by a Chartered Accountant on behalf of the assessees who get their accounts audited. The objective of the form is to specify the particulars of the audit report under any of the forms specified under Section 44AB.

Who should file 3CD?

What is Rule 6G?

6G. ( 1) The report of audit of the accounts of a person required to be furnished under section 44AB shall,— (a) in the case of a person who carries on business or profession and who is required by or under any other law to get his accounts audited, be in Form No.

What is 3CA and 3CB?

3CA is and Audit report under section 44 AB of the Income-tax Act, 1961 in a case where the account of the business of a person have been audited under any law by an accountants. Form No. 3CB is for people who have not been under audit by any accountant.