What are some Michif words?

What are some Michif words?

Hello. Taanishi.
I’m happy. (alternate) Ji koontaan.
I’m not feeling well. Nimoo ni miyaayaan.
I’m not feeling well. (alternate) Ji paa bayn.
I feel great! Mitooni ni miyaayaan.

Is Michif a Creole?

Michif is not a creole language. Michif is a mixed language, also called intertwined language. Roughly, it combines the verb phrase from Plains Cree with noun phrases from French.

How do you say hello my name is in Michif?

In Michif, the important word is Tanshi. Tanshi – Hello!

What language family is Michif?

Language family Mixed Cree–Métis French
Writing system Latin
Language codes
ISO 639-3 crg

How do you count michif?

Michif numbers list

  1. 1 – aeñ
  2. 2 – deu.
  3. 3 – trwá
  4. 4 – kátr.
  5. 5 – saeñk.
  6. 6 – sis.
  7. 7 – set.
  8. 8 – wit.

What is Mom in michif?

English: Good night mom. Michif: bon swear mama.

What is michif a mix of?

Michif is a language spoken by Métis peoples mostly in parts of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Montana. Michif is mainly a combination of Cree and French, but the language also borrows from English and other Indigenous languages, including Ojibwe. Michif is considered an endangered language.

Are Cree and Métis the same?

The Métis-Cree of Canada are the children of the Cree women and French, Scottish and English fur traders who were used to form alliances between Native peoples and trading companies. We, the Métis, are a nation, sharing the traditions of all our mothers and fathers.

How do you introduce yourself in michif?

Practice Saying Hello: To say hello to two or more people together, say, “Taan-shi kiiya-wow”. Introduce Yourself : “Taan-shi, Katherine niiya.” = Hello, I am Katherine. Or “Taan-shi. Katherine di-shi-ni-ka-shoon.” = Hello, my name is Katherine.

What is michif one?

Michif numbering rules Digits and numbers from one to sixteen are specific words, namely aeñ (or peyak) [1], deu (or nésho) [2], trwá (or nishto) [3], kátr (or neyo) [4], saeñk (or niyánan) [5], sis [6], set [7], wit [8], naef [9], jis [10], óñz [11], dóz [12], trayz [13], katorz [14], kaeñz [15], saeñz [16].

How do you say mother in michif?

Family Reunion

  1. English: Family. Michif: famii. Category: Family Reunion.
  2. English: Parents. Michif: pearaan.
  3. English: Mother. Michif: maama.
  4. English: Father. Michif: papa.
  5. English: Grandparents. Michif: granpearaant.
  6. English: Grandfather. Michif: moushoum.
  7. English: Grandmother. Michif: nouhkom.
  8. English: Husband. Michif: vyeu.