Is Odie in the Garfield movie?

Is Odie in the Garfield movie?

Liz Wilson, and features Bill Murray as the voice of Garfield. Garfield was created with computer animation, though all other animals were real.” Garfield is a animated Character in the movie. Garfield’s friend in the movie is “Odie” a real dog.

Who is Garfield’s best friend?

Odie. Odie is a yellow beagle, Garfield’s best friend and Jon’s dog.

Can Odie understand Garfield?

Sometimes, it seems like Jon can hear him. However, it is mentioned in more than one strip that Jon cannot understand Garfield. However, in the feature film Garfield Gets Real and its sequels, Garfield and the other animals save for Odie are able to talk to, and be understood by, Jon and the other humans.

What happened to Odie from Garfield?

Odie first appeared in the strip on August 8, 1978; the date is considered his birthday. On that date, he was brought in by Lyman, a friend and roommate to Jon, who disappeared in 1983. Odie eventually became a pet to Jon Arbuckle and has remained so ever since.

Why does Garfield love lasagna?

Fictional biography As a kitten, he develops a taste for lasagna, which would become his favorite food. Because of his appetite, the owner of Mamma Leoni’s has to choose between keeping Garfield or closing down his restaurant; so Garfield is sold to a pet shop.

Are Garfield and Odie friends?

Odie is a yellow dog who used to be Lyman’s dog; he now lives with Jon. Garfield considers him to be his friend, although this is debatable within the fan base. He abuses him so much, in fact, that Odie rarely gets a chance to get Garfield back.

Is Garfield jealous of Odie?

Garfield is jealous of Odie. Although Garfield says that he is dumb, Odie can be relatively smart on occasion. He is capable of communicating articulate sentences through barks.

Why did Lyman leave Garfield?

According to Davis, Lyman’s original purpose was to be someone who Jon could actually talk to and express other ideas — a role gradually taken over by Garfield, himself. Once Lyman was no longer needed for that purpose, he was removed without explanation.

Is Jon from Garfield depressed?

In the strip Garfield is depicted as Jon’s imaginary friend who only he can see. A running gag has Jon appearing to be talking to himself or having sudden mood swings making him appear insane, or sometimes depressed and seemingly suicidal.

How much lasagna has Garfield eaten?

In Garfield: The Movie, Garfield eats all four boxes of Jon Arbuckle’s lasagna.